What else to do in Wellington

Since writing my previous posts, I’ve been thinking about other places around Wellington that I have enjoyed visiting. So here’s four other places you should check out, if you have time.

Staglands Wildlife Reserve

Drive an hour out of town to Upper Hutt (I don’t think there’s any public transport that would take you out there) and take a trip to Staglands. If you like farm animals, then definitely take a trip here. A lot of the animals wander freely, and you can buy a bag of food to feed them right out of your hand. Watch out for the goats though, they took a bite out of my bag, then grabbed all the food as it fell out of the hole.

Weta Cave

I’m sure most if not all of you will know about Weta Digital. Founded by Sir Peter Jackson, and has done visual effects in a huge number of films. The Weta Workshop is in Miramar, and is well worth a visit if you have any interest in the movies. It’s fun to have a look behind the scenes and see how ‘movie magic’ is made.

Percy Scenic Reserve

There’s a few walks to do at this reserve. The shortest one is around 10 minutes, and takes you to a little waterfall. There’s a big grassy area near the front that is perfect for picnics. There’s also a real life weta cave here. It’s pitch black, and I chickened out a few metres in..too spooky for me.

Makara Walk

Located on Makara Beach, there’s a decent 16km walk you can do. I’ve only gone up to the top of the cliffs the remains of a fort from World War II are. It’s not too hard of a walk, it took only around an hour to get to the fort. The walk goes on longer for those who want to make a longer trip out of it.


  1. Haha…goats can be dangerous 😀

  2. Really good pictures! These places sound fun and I would really love to see the waterfall!

    1. Thank you 😀 Percy Scenic Reserve is definitely worth a visit. The waterfall is just a short ten minute walk from the entry 🙂

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