It’s a long trip from New Zealand to Peru. Sarah and I flew to Auckland. Then we had our longest flight which took us to Los Angeles (with a stopover in Papeete). Our next flight took us to Panama. Then our final flight saw us finally landing in Lima, Peru. As much fun as the trip itself was, I’m still not a fan of the hanging around in airports/airplanes part. I also can’t seem to get a decent rest in airplanes, either. So I didn’t sleep much until arriving at our hotel in Lima. Also, this will be a short post, as Lima was more uneventful than the other cities, mostly due to jetlag.


Peru Adventures Part 1. – Lima

We arrived in the early afternoon and had little trouble going through customs. We got picked up by a driver from the hotel we were staying at. This was Swissotel Lima.  A fancy five-star hotel chain. We picked a nice hotel for our first stay as we knew we’d be tired from all the travelling. We were. Jetlag sucks. I don’t remember much of the first day in Lima. It’s lost in a jetlagged blur. I apparently kept falling asleep during conversations with Sarah. On the plus side, the beds were super comfy and I got a decent sleep that night.

Our view from the hotel room

On the ride to the hotel, I did enjoy looking at the city blurring by. Lima is huge, monumentally huge. Also traffic made no sense to me, and scared me a little, as it seemed reckless…but I saw no accidents while I was there.

I drank so much Inka Kola while in Peru

Our trip in Lima was short lived, as we had a flight out to Arequipa the next night. We did walk around the San Isidro district a little as that’s where the hotel was. This area was really nice, and I enjoyed walking through the malls, and then coming outside and looking at all the old churches.

We did return to Lima for a night a few weeks into our trip, before heading to Iquitos. This time we stayed in Miraflores, another Lima district. We stayed at Pariwana Backpackers. We had a dorm room, and our roommates changed everyday. Staying at a hostel is a great way to meet fellow travelers, and recount journeys together. If you travel alone, definitely stay at a youth hostel, there’s a better energy and atmosphere here. People are happy to stop and chat.

Back to the city at hand, we only walked around a little again, as we (mostly I) was terrified of getting lost. I also enjoyed just hanging out in hammocks at the hostel, reading and sometimes chatting with other the guests.

The next stop we did a lot more. We went to Arequipa, where we visited the Monastery of Saint Catherine, the Colca Canyon, and felt the effects of altitude sickness.


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