Hello all! I’ve seen this floating around before, but most recently, it was done by 50shad3s0fjay last week. I was tagged by no one but I really enjoyed reading Jennie’s answers, so I thought I would do it too, because why not? I open it up to anyone and everyone to take part too. Just for the fun of going down memory lane!

  • First Tweet

First tweet

Good old HIMYM. I don’t actually remember tweeting this. It was 6 years ago. I also haven’t done anything on Twitter for a while, I just like using it to see what celebrities are up to, you know?

  • First YouTube Video

If you mean posted, then I haven’t posted anything. If you mean watched, I’m pretty sure it was either this:

or this:

Both classic YouTube videos.

  • First Person You Subscribed to on YouTube

Either Nigahiga, or Jenna Marbles. I can’t remember.

Image result for nigahiga gifs

Image result for jenna marbles gifs

  • First Facebook Profile Pic

No automatic alt text available.

…I have no explanation. All I can say is sorry.

Also, I just looked and saw that I changed that profile picture a week later to this:

No automatic alt text available.

I have had many strange profile pictures before I finally put up one with my face.

  • Do you still talk to your first love?

Yes. I talked to him just now. We’re married.


  • What was your first alcoholic drink?

I don’t know. One of those cheap ones in the bottles that everyone has as their first drink. It was fruity and came in a very colourful bottle. Possibly a “Vodka Cruiser”, I did drink the whole thing over the course of three hours. I did not get drunk.

Image result for vodka cruiser nz

  • What was your first job?

I count being a housekeeper as my first official job.

Image result for cleaning job

  • What was your first car?

Still never owned one.

  • Who was the first person to text today?

No one. Some days, I don’t get texts. Is that bad? Is it also bad that it doesn’t bother me?

  • Who was the first person you thought of this morning?

Me, and then Rory, and then me again.

2016-09-06 15.59.00

  • Who was your first grade teacher?

I don’t remember her name, but I was in the Philippines then. She was mean and I didn’t like her though.

  • Where did you go on your first ride on an airplane?

On a flight from New Zealand to Philippines I believe.

girls and dad8

  • Who was your first friend and do you still talk?

That I can remember, when I was in the Philippines in kindergarten, I became friends with Sheila. She whispered to me during the first time we met, “Want to be my friend?”, I whispered back Yes, and we were inseparable for many years. I lost contact with her when I came back to New Zealand sadly.

  • Where was you first sleepover?

I can’t really remember…a friend’s house will be the obvious choice.

  • What was the first thing you did in the morning?

Check my phone to see the notifications from WordPress and Instagram.

  • What was the first concert you ever went to?

Ed Sheeran, back in 2013 when he had only released one album XD

Image result for ed sheeran plus

  • First broken bone?

Never have (knock on wood)

  • First piercing?

Ears, when I was 3.

  • First foreign country you’ve ever gone to?

Australia, and then Philippines.


  • First movie you remember seeing?

The Lion King 😀

Image result for the lion king

  • When was you first detention?

When I was 13 in Year 9. I was terrified. I got a late detention because of traffic, which I was horrified with, because I’m the girl with perfect attendance and a spotless record. I probably cried.

  • Who was your first roommate?

Technically, Rory. He’s the first person I’ve lived with since leaving home.

  • What is the first thing you do when you go home?

Drop off bag and jacket (if I’m wearing one), then turn on the computer.

  • When was your first kiss?

When I was 20. With Rory. He’s basically my first everything. So I have no advice when it comes to romantic relationships or dating, cause I had zero interest (or experience) with it before him 😀

View More: http://kentyuphotography.pass.us/angelaroryengagement

Anyway, that was a lot of questions. This was fun! Consider yourself tagged if you’re reading this 😀


17 thoughts on “The First Time Tag

  • Small town Rambler

    this is neat! how do you get around with no car, do you live in a small town?

    • lifeofangela

      Not really. I live in town and I used to rely on public transport. My husband has a car. He bought it before we lived together so I view it more as his car than ours.

  • AdashofJhaee


  • Lee

    Aha this is a cool tag👍🏽😎
    Enjoyed reading your answers

    • lifeofangela

      Thanks Lee 😄
      This is a really fun tag to do!

  • Natalie Vinh

    This is a way cool tag, such a unique idea! I love you and Rory – couple goals right there. Also, I think NigaHiga and JennaMarbles are basically everyone’s first Youtube subscriptions!

    • lifeofangela

      Aww thanks Natalie! I love that you consider me and Rory couple goals XD
      And those two are definitely the frontiers for YouTubers 😄

  • Sheetal Bhardwaj

    Congrats Angela. Those were lovely moments captured. 🙂

  • Gluecksgeist

    I loved this post!!

    • lifeofangela

      Thanks! It was so much fun to write, I totally recommend that everyone do it 😀

  • Melissa Gibbs

    I love this tag so much! The photos of you and Rory are adorable 🙂

    • lifeofangela

      Thanks Melissa! 😀
      This tag is so much fun
      , makes you look back on lots of different things 😀

  • 50shad3s0fjay

    Oh my God how amazing you’re married to your first love, congratulations! You’re so lucky you’ve seen Ed Sheeran live, how amazing! Was he good? Ps thanks for tagging me X

    • lifeofangela

      Thanks Jennie! 😀
      Ed Sheeran was amazing! I love that its just him on stage, with his guitar and that fancy loop pedal thingy.
      No problem, I wanted to tag you since I got the first time tag idea from you 🙂


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