Hey. Guess what? I’m jumping on the board wagon, Cheila and Maggie. I thought about it all day, and while three posts a day sounds like a lot. You know what? Why not? It sounds like fun. I have no idea what the full list of prompts are, and me being a day ahead from you guys this may be tricky. But as a pro pinterest pinner, I think I found the 30 day challenge to which you are referring 🙂

Blogging Challenge – Days 1 and 2: Intro and 10 Facts About Me
I also took this photo from Maggie’s original post. It seems like a thing now.

If I’m wrong, Maggie or Cheila, if you could email me the whole list, that would be nice 🙂

So it’s past 9 pm on May 4 for me, so I gotta do four days worth of blogs and wrap it into this one. Hang on to your socks everyone.

Day 1 – Introduction

HI! I’m Angela, and I’m jumping late onto the bandwagon with my dear blogging friends Maggie and Cheila to do a 30 day blogging challenge. You can find many variations on Pinterest, including full 52 week ones which I also find interesting.

Mar 9 (15)
Mid explanation of something random I’m sure

Day 2 – 10 Facts About Myself

I mean, I feel like I keep sharing random facts about myself, that I’m gonna run out. So for newbies, here’s 10 basic me facts that regular readers may already know.

  1. My full name is Angela Antiporta Woollett Jenkins.
  2. The Jenkins is my married last name
  3. I got it from Rory, who I’m married to
  4. We’ve been together for almost five and a half years, but married for just over a month.
  5. I’m an early childhood teacher, specifically for under twos
  6. I’m 25 years old, and will be 26 in December
  7. I’m the middle child
  8. I am of Filipino and Kiwi descent
  9. I live in New Zealand
  10. I have a blogging addiction

Day 3 – My Personality and Values

I have been told my whole life, that I’m quiet. And it’s true. I am, until you really get to know me, then I can ramble forever and you can’t shush me. I am often very happy and positive, it takes a lot to bring me down or get me mad. I am very patient, which comes in handy with my job. In general, I’m a chilled person who’s happiest at home or hanging with her family.

My values are willingness to learn, reliability and trust. I want to know that I can rely on you, if you’re just going to bail, then I don’t want to waste my energy on you. Trust is key, I’m a very open and forgiving person, but even I have my limits. Just don’t be a douche. That’s all I ask. Be open to other opinions other than your own, and be willing to learn. You don’t know everything, I certainly don’t. No one does. And that’s kinda cool.

I wasn’t sure what picture to use for this. Can you tell I need to sleep?

Day 4 – About My Family

Uh yeah, so if this isn’t what you (Maggie and Cheila) have next, then I may be reading the wrong challenge. Just let me know, but I’ll be asleep and won’t be able to read your responses till tomorrow morning (lol)

I’m gonna leave this link here to my best post talking about my family. Family and Life.

But if you don’t have time to read that – here’s the basics.

  • Dad – Jeff. Soccer enthusiast. Trivia extraordinaire. King of Rambling Stories that never end. Awesome.
  • Mum – Julie. Takes photos of everything (like me). Says I love you everytime we see each other. Loves her garden. Queen.
  • Big sister – Jo. Artist. Procrastinator. Leaves mugs and other dishes everywhere. Tallest being in the world. Amazing.
  • Little brother – Andrew. Used to be shorter than me, but not anymore. Always has headphones in. Speaks in as little words as possible. Coolest.
  • Husband – Rory. Partner for life. Leaves cupboard doors open constantly. Surprises me with little gifts. The Best.
  • Almost Brother In Law – Tibor. Hungarian. Been with Jo since the beginning of time (Get married already yo, you’ve been engaged for three years). Great cook. Hates to have his photo taken. Also awesome.

There you go!! I’m going to hit publish now then go to sleep. I am now really tired cause I had a weird sleep last night. This was a really impulse decision, but here we go. Get ready for possibly three posts some days, two days on others. But this whole month, expect at least two now 😀


18 thoughts on “30 Day Blogging Challenge

  • chilisarang

    Best of luck! 😄

  • Kali Borovic

    How cool! Can’t wait to follow alone xx.

  • Cheila

    This is our next prompt girl!!! You got it right!!!! I’m so happy you decided to join us!!

    • lifeofangela

      Oh good!! I was on Pinterest for a while, trying to find a challenge that had the same three prompts you guys had already done XD

      • Cheila

        You could just have sent me an email dear

        • lifeofangela

          You see, that would have made sense. But I really wanted to write it up last night, but I thought you all would be asleep. So I made an impulse decision without thinking it through. Luckily it worked out okay XD

          • Cheila

            hahahaha you’re too fun

  • Maggie

    Woohoo! Thanks for coming along with us, Angela 🙂 I’m excited about reading all your answers! I’m the same way, about being shy until someone gets to know me. I warm up to people I enjoy being around, both online and in real life 🙂

    • lifeofangela

      Yeah, once we’re comfortable with someone, then we can be ourselves. It’s hard to immediately be chatty with someone, when you don’t really know them.

      • Maggie

        True! I’m definitely not ones of those people who easily warms up to people, haha; usually it takes me a while.

  • xoJenny

    This is a cute challenge!!! I’m excited to see what the next prompt is! I love that last photo of you and Rory at the end, you guys are so adorbs <3

    xo, JJ

    • lifeofangela

      Aww thanks Jenny! It’s actually a lot of fun to do! A lot of the prompts coming up are going to be so much fun to write about 😀

  • starringpamela

    I’m so excited to read your challenge posts! I’ve been following Maggie’s and Cheila’s so far and I’m glad you’re going to be doing them too! 🙂

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