This Week’s Photo Challenge Theme is Reflecting.

For my interpretation, I’ve compiled photos during my life and travels, where the reflective nature of water is put on display.

On a calm day, where you can see the boats, and watch the different colours and shades move on the surface of the water.


Or catch the light making ripples.

2016-09-03 10.51.26

Even on the other side of the world, the water catches reflection and shadows and I feel the need to be capture it on film.


Or during travels in my own home country, the stilness of a lake quietly reflects the world around it. Save for that one duck.


Or many ducks, making ripples in the reflection of the light, in a little stream.


If you get up close, the reflection of the light can be mesmerising.


These continue on in the evening, but instead of the sun, all the lights turn on to create their own reflection.


And at night, if you’re in a busy city with lots of lights, they create a show of their own in the water below.


Hope you enjoyed my photos for this week’s theme!


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