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Jordyn recently made a post where she reflected on a post she read about self esteem. In turn, she decided it would be great as a tag, so she created one! Isn’t that awesome?!


  • Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog
  • Answer the 10 questions
  • Nominate and tag however many people you’d like


  • What is one facial or physical feature you like most about yourself? 

I like my hands. They’re super useful, and my nails are for the most part very neat and tidy. Also, they’re now always accessoried with my wedding and engagement ring nowadays, so I look and admire them on my fingers a lot.


  • What values are most important to you? 

Honesty, Loyalty, Patience and Humour. Just being a kind person overall.

  • What is one personality trait you like most about yourself?

I like my optimism. It leads to me always being able to see the positive of something, to encourage and support others, and to be patient and clearheaded when things aren’t going too great.

Image result for be an optimist prime not a negatron poster
Thank you DeviantArt
  • What is your definition of beautiful?

Something beautiful is something that gives you a moment of awe. A sunset, a gorgeous dress or pair of shoes, nature, super shiny hair, puppies, donuts…you get the idea. There’s beauty everywhere (I’m an optimist remember!)

  • What is the last thing you did that made you smile or laugh?

This morning, when I woke up and saw my hair. My bed head can get pretty extreme.

  • When do you feel the most attractive?

Depends, sometimes mid morning, when I’ve finally got hair, face and clothes sorted and looking nice. Sometimes just before bed, when I’m super comfy and in my pyjamas. I don’t think I’ll ever feel as attractive as I did on my wedding day though.

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  • What are you passionate about?

Blogging, writing, photography, food, travel, teaching, education…I could go on

  • Who is the most supportive figure in your life?

My delightful husband.

  • What are you most proud of about yourself?

That I’m always willing to learn.

  • Do you feel good about yourself today? 

Yeah I feel pretty good 😀



  1. Thank you for the tag!!! I can’t wait to do this one. As a fellow optimist I absolutely loved the art you picked for it 😀

    1. You’re welcome Pamela! Yay for optimist primes! 😄

  2. Yay! so glad you did this 🙂 and I love your comment about extreme bed head! I think I’m pretty luck with that one.

    1. Thanks Jordyn! I loved doing this tag! Haha, man I get crazy hair in the morning, it takes a while to get it looking normal 😃

  3. Great post, Angela! I loved reading your answers. I’m going to be doing this tag at some point, too. xx

    1. Thanks Maggie! Yay, I can’t wait to read your post 😀

  4. congrats girl & thanks for nominating me! love your definition of beautiful, what a great tag 😄

    1. You’re welcome Jamie! This is a really positive tag, it’s so cool 😃

  5. This is such an amazing tag!! Loving the positivity 🙂

    1. Thanks Melissa! I totally agree 😃

    1. It’s great isn’t it? 😀

  6. Wow such a beautiful tag! Imagine when I have bed head, having natural super tight curly hair I have to fluff it out in the morning like a pillow because it’s all smashed down😂😂
    All of your answers were beautiful and I think every woman will feel she looked her best in her wedding day, it’s our dream and we want it to be one of the most memorable days of our lives. Hope I feel that way when it’s my turn💙

    1. Haha, I can only imagine!!
      Thank you so much Lee 😀 <3

      1. 💖

  7. This is such a cool tag! Learned so much about you. Also, that photo of your wedding day is beautiful 😍❤️🌺

    1. Thank you so much! 😀

  8. Awww loved this post so much!! As a fellow bed head extremist, I totally get that it can be really funny sometimes!! Great post 😊 xx

    1. Haha, I’m glad you can relate! Thanks Amelia 😀

      1. It’s okay 😊 xx

  9. Thank you so much for nominating me Angela!! The tag looks so good! Can’t wait to do it, xx

    1. You’re welcome Anni! I can’t wait to read it 😀

  10. Your ring is so pretty! It’s always good to be an optimist prime!

    1. Thank you 😀
      And yes I totally agree!

  11. This is a really neat tag. Loved reading your answers. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    1. Thanks Cherylene 🙂

  12. Great post! I really loved reading your answers; I think I’ll do this tag sometime soon! 🙂 ❤ xx

    1. Thank you Aqsa! Definitely go for it, I’d love to read your answers 😃

  13. Love this tag 🙂 You have beautiful hands. They look like mom hands, I love that. You have long fingers and beautiful, neat and perfect nails. I’m getting nail envy for sure. My nail beds are super short and my nails have a weird shape. Congratulations, girl <3 Love ya

    1. Thank you! I’m taking the mom hands thing as a compliment 🖐
      They do spend lots of time holding and cuddling babies 😃
      I only have love for you too 😄 ❤

      1. Oh, yes! Definitely a compliment. They look like they can do so much and that you can take care of people

  14. You have beautiful hands and they look even more beautiful with those rings. Ohh yes, there’s beauty everywhere if only we pause to notice and admire it. This is a great tag and I loved your answers. 😊

    1. Thank you so much Shweta 😀

    Please forgive the delay i’m so behind on blogs!!

    1. Not a problem!
      And you’re very welcome for the nomination 😃

      1. 😘😘😘😘😘😘

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