Buffy the Vampire Slayer

We’ve made it to V on the A-Z Challenge! Two more weeks left 🙂

V is for Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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Buffy is often credited as one of the greatest shows of our time. It is a blast to watch, the writing and acting is amazing, and was also the one who started the trend of having a musical episode (Once More With Feeling), amongst other stand alone amazing episdoes (Hush, Zeppo, The Body…) It’s just such a fun show, and I get sucked in. It’s reached cult status since first coming out in 1997, and has produced lots of spin-offs, merchandise, and is often studied and parodied in popular culture.

Also, it has a fun opening theme.

This show is set in the fictional town of Sunnydale, California. The titular character is Buffy. She was ‘chosen’ to be this generation’s ‘Slayer’. Each generation, a girl is chosen to be the Slayer. Their duty is to fight the forces of darkness (vampires, demons, etc), and save the world, etc etc. Buffy at first just wants a normal life, but in time she learns to both accept and challenge her role as the Slayer. As a Slayer, she gets appointed a Watcher, who guides and trains her. She ends up befriending some people at her new school, and eventually they find out about her and help out.

That’s the gist anyway. Like I said before, this show is so good! Especially the writing, their dialogue is always hilarious. Let’s look at some quotes.

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Now let’s have a look at some of the main characters.

Buffy Summers (Played by Sarah Michelle Gellar)

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Buffy was a regular, popular cheerleader before she was called to be the Slayer. Since then, she’s been struggling to balance her two lives. Her calling as a Slayer gives her certain powers. She has prophetic dreams occasionally, incredible physical strength, endurance, agility, intuition, speed and heals faster. All of which comes handy in her job.

Xander Harris (Played by Nicholas Brendon)

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Xander becomes a close friend of Buffy. He doesn’t posses any supernatural skill, unlike his friends. He is very caring and loyal, and he provides the comic relief and is the ”regular” in this world of fantasy.

Willow Rosenberg (Played by Alison Hannigan)

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Willow was originally a geeky, quiet, wallflower type. Always kind and empathetic, she and Buffy become best friends. Willow becomes more confident and assertive as the show goes on. She eventually becomes a powerful Wiccan, and realizes she’s a lesbian.

Rupert Giles (Played by Anthony Stewart Head)

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Giles is a Watcher and part of the Watcher’s Council (whose job it is to train slayers). He is very British. He researches and offers insight and advice on the supernatural creatures that Buffy fights. He ends up being a father figure of sorts to the younger characters, offering advice on both the supernatural world, and their personal lives. He seems uptight at first, but he loosens up and we see another side of him.

Angel (Played by David Boreanaz)

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Angel is a vampire with a soul. When he first became a vampire, he killed everything without caring, until a gypsy curse reinstated his soul and conscience. After decades of feeling guilty and being broody, he allies himself with Buffy to try do good. They end up falling in love, and have a very complicated on again, off-again relationship, which he breaks off at the end of Season 3 and moves away.

Spike (Played by James Marsters)

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Spike is also a vampire. He starts off as a major threat and villain, to comic relief and reluctant teammate, and eventually to a hero. Spike is known for his ‘Billy Idol’ platinum blond hair, is also British, and is always wearing a black leather jacket he got from killing his second Slayer.

Anya (Played by Emma Caufield)

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Anya is 1100 years old and used to be a ‘vengeance’ demon. She specialized in avenging scorned woman. Her powers are removed by the gang, so she is forced to relearn how to be ordinary and normal, which is mostly comical. She ends up joining the gang and helps out occasionally. She is blunt and often speaks without care how it might affect those around her, and she loves money.

There’s a lot more characters, both main and recurring. But I’ll end it here.

Buffy is an amazing show and has so many incredible characters and storylines! If you haven’t seen it, I really recommend you check it out!

That’s all for V. W will be coming out next Tuesday.


  1. That one I used to watch!!

    1. Yay! Something we can watch together 😃

  2. Awww the memories! I loved this series!

    1. It was such a good show! 😄

  3. I wanna watch it again now!! Such an awesome show

    1. It really is!


    1. For some reason I knew you’d be a Spike fan 😂 ❤

      1. He is perfection ahaha

  5. Yes the slayer. Great show. That quote, I was being patient but it took too long, use to be my tagline 🙂

    1. Its such a great show. Anya is full of wisdom 😄

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