Weekend Review #8

I’ve been sharing my weekends with you for two whole months now! Hooray!


Woke up at 7am. Got up, had shower, had breakfast (toast and coffee!) and then did my usual morning blogging routine. At 8.30, we set off laundry and I made a weekend to-do list. We’ve got a few open homes to check out tomorrow, and this time I wrote down all the times to make sure I didn’t confuse them like last week. All the while during this we’ve had the heater on cause it’s freezing and raining outside. I then got dressed to go out in said weather so I can get to The Gallery Custom tattoo for my appointment.

We decided that Rory would grab groceries while I got tattoo done, which means no grocery picture this week! Sorry!

Anyway, I got my tattoo done again by the lovely Angie. She showed me the design and I loved it, we decided on my upper arm, near but not on my shoulder. The little leafy designs would kinda wrap around my upper arm muscles and looked good there. As usual they gave me snacks and water to keep my blood sugar up. The tattoo took three hours to do this time around (a huge jump from 20 minutes with my first one). It was again a constant pain, but the longer the tattoo goes, the more sore and tender my arm got. The adrenalin got me through it though, it never felt very painful. The parts closer to my shoulder and all the little details did sometimes make me pause and think “OWWWWWWWWWWW”, but I managed to keep going all the way through with just little breaks. Once it was done, I was so happy! It looked gorgeous! Then, my arm was just in intense throbbing pain cause the adrenalin wore off and now my arm is just so mad at me. But screw it arm, it’s worth it.

Mandala Tattoo.jpg

On the walk home, I felt like sushi. Halfway walking home I got a crazy headache which may have been from low blood sugar, and once I got home I felt like crap. I scoffed my sushi, then cleaned tattoo. It’s always so gross when you take off the wrapping. But anyway, I did that and reread my aftercare instructions.


I had planned to do baking after the tattoo, but on getting home I felt drained. I was exhausted, so I spent the rest of the afternoon just sitting down and watching YouTube. I wrote one or two posts, then I just gave up and stared at all our wedding photos again.

Sneak peek:

At 6, Rory made dinner (Shepherd’s Pie) and I Skyped with my best friend Kruti, as we were long overdue for a catch up.

Rory was also beginning to feel down as he had headaches all day, so we both just vegged out, watched some Doctor Who, then went to bed early.


I woke up feeling well rested at around 7, till I shifted my left arm. Anyway, for breakfast I wanted French toast but got distracted by blogging. So Rory decided to make my breakfast alongside his own 🙂

French Toast.jpg

After breakfast, I had a shower and got dressed. Let me just say, showering and dressing yourself is suddenly much more of a challenge when one arm keeps yelling at you when you try to raise it.

Anyway, I carried on blogging a little. I wrote up a few posts. Then I kept staring at all the wedding photos. I’ve narrowed them down to 100, showed them to Rory, and so now we know which photos to print. But we gotta work out what to put them in.

Then I realized I wanted to start another blogging challenge. So I skimmed through Pinterest and found a movie one I liked. I wrote my first two posts for that.

At around 11, we headed off to the open homes we wanted to check out. There were 3 in all. The first one we didn’t like, it was in need of a lot of repair. The second one we really liked, and are in talks with the realtor. The third one was alright, but we really liked the second one. So, fingers crossed?

We even saw a rainbow. Is it a sign?

In between house hunting we stopped for lunch at an old haunt of ours. Mediterranean Food Warehouse. I had spaghetti and meatballs which I practically inhaled. Rory got a Chicken and Brie Panin, then we shared apple and blueberry crumble.



Once we got home, we emailed our interest to the realtor again. Then I blogged some more, I managed to get a few more posts done, before finally deciding to bake. While I baked, I had a Skype catch up with my sister up in Auckland. Here’s a sneak peek into what I baked!

Banana Crumb Muffins 27

For dinner we had leftovers from yesterday. I continued writing some more posts. Rory and I just kind of did our own thing for the rest of the evening. I blogged, he played games.

We went to bed around 9.30pm, and prepared for another full week of work.

To-Do List

  • Get tattoo!
  • Groceries
  • Laundry
  • Open Home
  • More Baking
  • Clean more – I’m crossing this off as the house has been cleaned, but not by me. Rory ended up just cleaning most of the surfaces of our house, while I complained about my arm..
  • Read as much as I can
  • Start another blogging challenge
  • Wedding Photos – Look through and decide which to print
  • Set July Goals
  • Write and schedule upcoming weekly posts
  • Skype catch up with Kruti and Jo

What’d you guys get up to?


  1. Friday: I volunteered at Loaves and Fishes with my dad. He brought home some cinnamon bread.

    Saturday: With the cinnamon bread, my dad and I made french toast. This was crazy: The Pops Symphony happened and it was the Celebrate America Symphony and there were scattered thunderstorms that night, but at five we still laid down the tarp and later, we looked at the radar and looked like there was a window so my family went anyways to see what would happen when the Symphony began which was when they make the call. Literally, it didn’t rain for the entire Symphony and fireworks and it started raining and thundering again on the way home. Crazy how that happens

    Sunday: all that has happened is church. It still is Sunday afternoon and just listening to music and relaxing

    1. It’s funny when the weather does that. Sounds like a nice weekend 🙂

      1. In many ways, that symphony: the Celebrate America symphony is the best way to celebrate Fourth of July even though the symphony happened on First of July

  2. That sushi looks delicious! Did you prepare it yourself?
    And the tattoo looks so beautiful, it really suits you!

    1. Haha, no I wish I could make sushi that good. I bought it 😂
      Thank you so much Nina, I really love the tattoo!

  3. Love this post! I just adore your tattoo, so beautiful! xxx

    1. Thank you so much Ella 😀

  4. Oh my goodness Angela! What a GORGEOUS tattoo!!!! 😍 I loooove all of the little intricate leaf designs! It looks like you had a great weekend. I haven’t done anything exciting this weekend (it’s still Sunday afternoon here hehe), just hung out, played games, blogged a bit, listened to music, and in a little while, I’m going out to eat with my family! ❤️

    1. Thank you so much Maggie! I love how the tattoo turned out 😀
      A relaxing Sunday is the best kind of Sunday 😀

  5. Oh my goodness! That spag bowl is my everything!! Looked so delish! 🤤🤤🤤

    1. It was the best spaghetti!!!

  6. Sounds like another good weekend for you! 🙂 I spent a lot of time on the beach watching an air show 🙂 I also got some jobs done like Hoover my floor and clean my bathroom. But apart from that I’ve had a more restful weekend 🙂

    1. Thanks Hannah! It was a nice weekend 😀
      A restful weekend is good, and you managed to get some cleaning done which is always great! 😀

      1. It needed doing. Hoovering is a faff because I have to go borrow a hoover from reception so I have to go all the way down, to another building to get the hoover to bring it back 😂 the brilliant thing about my research project is that it’s more of a Monday to Friday thing 🙂 it’s weird having a more restful weekend! 😂

        Ps your wedding photos are so cute 🙂

  7. Home shopping, how exciting! Good luck!

    1. Thank you so much Abbey! We need the luck 😂

  8. The tattoo is absolutely gorgeous!

    I had a rather boring weekend, but it was one that I definitely needed. After working 45+ hours this week, I was absolutely exhausted and I was falling behind on work I have that isn’t for my direct jobs. So, this weekend was about getting my energy back and now, I’m ready to tackle every task.

    1. Thank you so much!
      Sometimes all we need the weekend for is to rest and recharge! I’m glad you got to do that 😄

  9. That tattoo is big and pretty! You are a brave girl to withstand the stinging of the needles for three hours. You would need a whole lot of pastries to recover from that 🙂 xx

    1. It is pretty big and full of details! I’m quite proud that I was able to get through a tattoo session that long 🙂
      I ate a whole lot of treats both during and after it though 😄😄

      1. I can see that it must have hurt. But now it must slowly be settling in. I am sure it can be a great excuse for some goodies till the tenderness goes away! xx

        1. It feels like a bad sunburn at the moment. I’d like to say I dealt with it well, but I spent a large part of the weekend complaining to lovely Rory about it. All the while, he was a sweetheart and did all the cooking and cleaning 🙂

          1. Ah for the men in our lives what would we be?
            We would not be weathering tattoos with pure grace for sure 😛 Hold onto the sweetheart of yours xx

  10. I tell you one thing, you’ve put sushi in my mind now. I feel this crazy urge for it, like I need it now. I’ve been doing a ton of projects around the house and writing, blogging. I had a party at my house last night. All the cousins from all over the country came down and we hung out and reconnected until late. Today I forced myself to go to my favorite coffee shop to write somewhere outside of my house. Now it’ll be back to painting and projects till I collapse with sushi this evening 🙂

    1. I get that with sushi. I’ll see someone with it and it won’t leave my head till I get sone myself 😂
      A big party sounds exciting and lively 🙂
      I don’t often write anywhere but my house. But a lot of my inspiration comes from being outside 😄

      1. Same here. I have to leave my house to renew my energy and get inspiration. Then I become a recluse again, lol.

  11. I love the tattoo! So exciting!

    1. Thanks Natalie! 😄

  12. Your French toast looks delicious! Sorry to hear your arm has been a bit sore from your tattoo, hopefully the pain doesn’t last too much longer 🙂 x

    1. It was definitely delicious 😋
      Thanks Chanelle 🙂

  13. Great post!! I’ve had my family from all over the world staying in a house near mine so we’ve had a bit of a family reunion all weekend!! 😊 xx

    1. Thanks Amelia! Wow, a family reunion sounds great 😄😄

      1. It’s okay and yeah it was lovely to see everyone again 😊 xx

  14. By the way your tatoo looks great!! Sorry your arm is sore though xx

  15. What? No shopping cart pic? You know I live for those 🙁 Your tattoo looks awesome, I love it. It also looks painful so I hope you’re not suffering too much, baby. Fingers crossed and praying for you on the second house!! I know how much you really want a space to call yours. <3

    1. Haha, I asked Rory to take one quickly before I left, but he forgot 😂
      My tattoo is so amazing, I’m so happy! It’s still like a sunburn now, so it twinges but it’s not too bad.
      We’re already starting to doubt this house, from what we’ve heard some people are able to offer a lot more than we can. It’s a very competitive market at the moment 😞

      1. I imagine. Here in Portugal it would be impossible to buy now. Houses and apartments are extremely high. About 4 years ago you could pay about 200€ for a rented room, for students, now it’s closer to 400/450

        1. So it’s a worldwide thing then. Everything is just so much more expensive now 😞
          We’ll keep trying though, hopefully at some point, we luck out

          1. Your perfect home is waiting for you somewhere

  16. Looks like such a fun weekend. Your new tattoo looks amazing!!

    1. Thank you so much Natalie!! 😀

  17. Love the tattoo 💜

    1. It came out so well! 😄❤

  18. The tattoo came out so good your artist is amazing!!! Kudos to you for sitting through that whole thing, 3 hours….I think I would’ve passed out after 2 lol That sushi looks so yummy what was in it? I have this major love for rainbows good catch on snapping that photo of it! Also I’ll cross my fingers for you with the second house, although I’m super behind on reading blogs so hopefully no major updates on it yet (unless you got it lol)

    xo, JJ

    1. Thank you! Angie (the artist, we share names 😂) always does an amazing job. An hour in, I just kinda went numb and the adrenalin made me bear the needle, so it was more uncomfortable than painful. Once we were finished though, the adrenalin wore off and my arm was hurting sooo much. It’s okay now though, just itchy as it starts to peel.
      I do not remember what sushi it was 😂
      I didn’t get that house as we decided not to go for it. The asking price was just waay more than what we think it’s worth, and it’s not in the best neighbourhood either.
      I love when you come back to the blogging world 😂 I get so many notifications from you!

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