X-Men: Evolution

Thanks for sticking with me through the A-Z Challenge. We’re so close to the end!!

X is for X-Men: Evolution

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This is another show I remember loving and watching when I was younger. This series ran from 2000-2003, so for 9-12 year old me, this was my show. This caught my interest, because we saw the first X-Men movie in the theatres, not long before this first came on television. I have pretty much always been into superhero things it seems.

Wow, watching this now is weird. I remember the intro being cooler than this. Anyway.

This was my classic Saturday morning kids show. It was on at like 8.30 am or something, which to a 9 year old is insanely early, but I would shoot out of bed in my pyjamas to always watch it every week. I remember that the early season was all about slowly introducing new members of the X-Men, and getting excited when I recognised them.

I can’t for the life of me remember much of the show though. I just have feelings attached to it, you know. Anyway, this A-Z challenge is taking a little detour as I remember the other Saturday morning cartoons I would always watch.

Let me know if you guys watched any.

Totally Spies

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Fairly Odd Parents

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Jackie Chan Adventures

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I watched a whole bunch of cartoons back then. And I still do now!

This went off track, but I got caught up in nostalgia.

That’s all for X. Y will be coming up next Tuesday.


  1. I watched all of these as a kid! (I still do, don’t judge- X-Men Evolution is amazing) 🙂

    1. I haven’t rewatched it in ages! I wonder if I’d still be into it (probably, I love all superhero things) 😀

  2. I still have fairly odd parents on DVD 🙈😂 I was mad about it. My sister and I both loved totally spies but I never got into the Jackie Chan adventures. What we did watch allot was Barbie movies and Bratz episodes 😂💗

    1. Yes the Barbie movies!! I watched all those too 😂 Totally Spies was amazing, I think it’s on Netflix so I might rewatch them sometime 🙂

  3. X-Men Evolution was also a favorite of mine and I also got up insanely early on Saturdays to watch it!!! Jackie Chan Adventures was another 😂

    1. Both such good shows!! 😄😄

  4. I love all of these shows! Cyclops was my favorite X-Men. He was the cutest thing!

    1. They’re all such classic early morning shows 😂

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