From Bondi to Coogee

It’s been fun reflecting back on our Sydney travels. Today I wanted to talk about one of our highlights, visiting Bondi Beach, and doing the Bondi to Coogee walk.

2016-09-06 10.28.53

From Bondi to Coogee

It’s hard not to think of Bondi when you think of Sydney. It’s probably one of the most famous beaches in the world, not the top one, but I would think it’s up there. We went there twice, the first time we had to cut our trip short as my phone had a mini meltdown and we needed to head back to our hotel to see if we could fix it (SD card had corrupted it for some bizarre reason). Before we headed back though, we started following the coastal walkway. It looked neat, but we were dressed for the beach, not a long walk.

Then we chilled out on the beach for a bit. The water was colder than I hoped it would be, so I just lay in the sun. Here comes the obligatory feet on the beach shot.

2016-09-06 11.24.32

We came back a few days later, and focused on doing the walk. This was one of the best days of the trip. Just Rory and I hanging out, walking and enjoying each other’s company.

2016-09-07 11.02.30

The walk is very popular, there were many other tourists around, as well as many joggers. The walk had lots of stops that had exercises, Rory stopped a fair few times to try them out, and I just watched.

The walk took us around 3 and a half hours, we were just meandering our way over. It’s not a hard walk, and it makes for an enjoyable morning. The beautiful scenery just keeps on coming, and we stopped to take it in a LOT. I could see myself doing that walk on a weekly basis if I was a local.

In case you weren’t sure of where you are, there are signs to help you along the way.

2016-09-07 11.31.11

Finally, we reached Coogee. I found a giant chair and immediately climbed on top of it.

2016-09-07 12.13.33

We had lunch, and then took a bus back. We originally planned to go to the tour of the Opera House that afternoon but all the tickets were gone. So instead, we went to Paddy’s market, and wandered around Haymarket and Chinatown. We tried some ice cream dough balls. It was as described, a small ice cream ball, concealed by a small doughnut. It was a strange sensation, but not a bad one.

2016-09-07 16.28.18

At the end of the day, we bought ourselves some more little treats and settled in for an early night, and more adventures the following day.

2016-09-07 19.46.23

That’s the end of Sydney Adventures! I had so much fun recalling all these past events and looking over past photos. It was definitely a highlight of 2016.


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  2. Sounds like a nice time. I hope to visit Australia at some point my life, but seems highly unlikely due to living so far away

    1. Australia is very nice. It would be a pretty long trip aceoss the world for you though

      1. I still would love to visit despite how long the flight

  3. This trip looks incredible! I think Australia is quickly climbing my list of places to visit!

    I just wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Liebster award here: .

    1. Australia is definitely bucket list worthy! So many beautiful spots there ?
      And wow, thank you, I’ll definitely have a look ?

  4. Australia is very nice. I want visit in next time. 😀

    1. it’s definitely got lots of amazing spots to visit ?

  5. This looks so incredible, and you have wonderful photos to remember the experience! 🙂

    1. Thanks Caz! It really was 😀

  6. I love your pics!! It all looks so good ? xx

    1. Thanks Amelia ?

      1. It’s okay ? xx

  7. Oooooo I want to climb that giant chair!!!!

    1. ? Right?? It was my first thought when I saw it, so I did 😀

  8. I love the “obligatory feet on the beach” lol its so true I feel like whenever I’m by a body of water taking a picture of the leg/feet looking into the water is a must!!! Bondi looks just stunning the water there is such a beautiful majestic blue color. Thats it I’m in love with a place I’ve never even been to! Is the water generally cold or do people swim in it come the summer?

    xo, JJ

    1. Sydney is famed for Bondi beach. Everyone goes there, it gets crazy busy in summer. But yes, the water is generally cold, but in summer, it’s warmer 😀 We went in early spring so it was fairly cold 😀

  9. Ugh, these pictures are breath taking. So beautiful!

    1. It is! Bondi beach is gorgeous, it’s one of the things everyone says you have to go see in Sydney!!

  10. Such stunning beaches, Angela! Going into my list of things to do in Sydney. xx

    1. They really are! The whole Bondi to Coogee Coastal walk is stunning 😀

  11. Oh my!! That’s such a gorgeous area! And I would walk there everyday if I was a local too, my gosh, you can’t beat that view! And the treats look delicious! Is that cheesecake in the last photo?!

    1. It is!! There are always joggers and people just walking there. It’s such a gorgeous area, the locals are so lucky!! Haha, it was cheesecake! We found this cute little bakery near our hotel that we had to try out 😀

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