Sydney Harbour

We visited Sydney Opera House twice, the first day they were booked out of tours. So we came back a few days later and tried again. Then we returned that night to see a show, because it looked like fun.

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Sydney Harbour

If you’re visiting Sydney, it seems to be an unwritten rule that you should stop by Sydney Harbour to see the bridge and the Opera House. So of course, we went. We walked from our hotel in Haymarket, and that became around a 40 minute walk. We went through the Royal Botanic Gardens along the way, and got a little distracted as we headed to the Harbour.

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Lots of walkways to walk down, and fountains to stop by. We took our time going through, stopping to smell the flowers, so to speak.

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Look at that tree! I really wanted to climb it, but we agreed that probably wasn’t wise.

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We also came back through the gardens on our second trip to the Opera House.

Anyway, back to Sydney Harbour!

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But first, let’s look at some selfies I failed at.

What skills. Anyway, I was constantly amazed at how busy Sydney was, but with a city population that matches New Zealand, it’s no wonder. It was a lot of fun to wander around the Opera House the first day we visited. We got to see it in person, but as there was an event on, we couldn’t really see inside. We had a good view of the Harbour Bridge. We’d considered doing the skywalk, but it’s not cheap, and this trip already took out a chunk, so we decided to skip it.

2016-09-04 11.43.46

I really enjoyed the Opera House Tour, we learnt a lot from our guide, and we even got to go into the main hall, as there was no one rehearsing or performing inside. The architecture is really different to anything I’ve seen before. Both inside and out.

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We decided to get tickets for a show on that same night, as part of the Comedy Gala. We went and saw Beardyman. He’s a comedian/entertainer/beatboxer/musician, who makes songs on the spot based on the audience suggestions. We ended up having a lot of fun, and seeing a live show brings around a certain energy that can’t be felt during the tour. Also, seeing the Harbour at night was an added bonus.

2016-09-08 20.35.30

I’d love to come back and see a show in the main hall, but as it would cost a lot, I need to wait for a show that would be worth it (fingers crossed for Hamilton to come this side of the world someday).


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  1. The Moreton Bay fig trees are truly my favourite near the Opera House. Great post.

    1. I had no idea what kind of tree that was! I’m glad you enjoyed reading my blog 🙂

  2. I hope to visit it one day, it is absolutely stunning. xx

  3. The Sydney Opera House: I defiantly recognize that. It is well-known in Sydney and it must have been wonderful that you got to actually see the building

    1. Yup. It’s definitely a well known site of Sydney. Its gorgeous in person ?

      1. It seems like it was.

        In Charlotte, one statue that is well-known is the firebird. Then in St. Louis, which is in Missouri, there is the St. Louis Arch. Or in Chicago, Illinois, there is the Chicago Bean. Or even the Statue of Liberty, which of course many people know about.

  4. I want to visit so badly! it is quite expensive/far travel from where we live, so I feel this is a trip I will have to plan later in life.

    1. I definitely get that. I feel the same way about America. ?

  5. I would love it if Hamilton went to Sydney so you could see it!!!!

    1. That would be so awesome!! I hope they do it someday 😀

  6. I want to visit Sydney since I was 8 years old. Love your posts about this city and all the places you share look so incredible! xx

    1. That’s so neat! Thanks so much Anni 😀

  7. Hey I just noticed, have you gone the self-hosted way? The blog looks great!

    1. I did. And fingers crossed, things might actually be working now ?

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