Angela’s Bucket List

So, I first published this on May 17. Β 2 months later, I wanted to repost this as I can cross two things off! Numbers 19(!) and 73 πŸ˜€

Hello all!

So I’ve been wanting to make a bucket list for aaages. I liked the idea of coming up with 100 things, but that turned out to be a lot harder than I thought XD

I’ve been writing this since I started blogging, and I’ve only just finished it! I’ve included things I’ve wanted to do since I was younger, so I’m already able to start crossing things off. I’ll try to come back to this every now and then and see if I can cross more things off!

These are in no particular order, but go ahead and have a read!

  1. Go overseas
  2. Fly in a plane
  3. Fly first class in a plane
  4. Graduate university
  5. Move out of home
  6. Fall in love
  7. Get married
  8. Celebrate 25th wedding anniversary
  9. Celebrate 50th wedding anniversary
  10. Do a flip on a trampoline
  11. Sing karaoke in public
  12. Play a game of paintball
  13. Play a game of laser tag
  14. Pull an all-nighter
  15. Go for a romantic picnic on a hill
  16. Get fitter, and work out more
  17. Go to a yoga class
  18. Go to a pole dancing class (it looks fun, I’m not too flexible though)
  19. Buy a house
  20. Do DIY in said house
  21. Make a house of cards
  22. Complete a scrapbook
  23. Finish a colouring book
  24. Fill up all the notebooks I keep buying
  25. Do a Road Trip around the North Island
  26. Do a Road Trip around the South Island
  27. See more of Australia
  28. Visit all the Pacific Islands
  29. Visit Harry Potter World in Orlando
  30. Visit Scotland and the places Harry Potter was filmed in
  31. Visit Europe in General
  32. Visit Canada
  33. Visit Iceland
  34. Visit Japan
  35. Visit Germany
  36. Return to the Philippines
  37. Visit a Disneyland, any Disneyland
  38. See the seven wonders of the world
  39. Go snorkelling
  40. Go scuba diving
  41. Experience zero gravity
  42. See a Broadway Show
  43. Go to a concert
  44. See a musical live
  45. Go to a wax museum
  46. Go to a ballet
  47. Have kids (max 2)
  48. Have a pet dog or cat
  49. Complete a fun run/marathon
  50. Do a colour run
  51. Do all the Great Walks around New Zealand
  52. Solve a Rubix cube
  53. Gain my full driver’s license
  54. Own a car
  55. Learn how to take care of a car (oil, change a tyre, jumpstart, etc)
  56. Ride a bike
  57. Do a wheelie on a bike
  58. Ride a Segway
  59. Ride a hoverboard
  60. Complete a Masters in Education
  61. Make a dress
  62. Make a blouse
  63. Own a really good camera
  64. Make everything from a recipe book (preferably a baking one)
  65. Write a book
  66. Spend time in a float pod
  67. Bathe in milk
  68. Have a massage
  69. Have a spa day
  70. Learn to read sheet music
  71. Learn how to play the ukulele properly
  72. Relearn how to play the piano again
  73. Watch all the Star Wars movies
  74. Watch all the movies that won an Oscar
  75. Ride in a horse and carriage
  76. Go horse riding
  77. Witness an eclipse
  78. Go to a drive in movie
  79. Dye my hair (any colour)
  80. Master a couple of hairstyles, outside of ponytail and half up half down
  81. Get a tattoo
  82. Get a henna tattoo
  83. Get a temporary tattoo
  84. Get multiple ear piercings
  85. Have a white christmas
  86. Donate blood
  87. Become fluent in another language
  88. Relearn Tagalog
  89. Learn Sign Language
  90. Take a photography course
  91. Stay in an ice hotel
  92. Learn a magic trick
  93. Learn to knit
  94. Go for a helicopter ride
  95. Fly in a hot air balloon
  96. Memorize the periodic table of elements
  97. Visit a psychic
  98. Make a time capsule
  99. Have a food fight
  100. Meet a celebrity

So hey, here’s my bucket list! A lot are doable, a lot are a bit more difficult, and some will just take time. But I hope you enjoyed reading this list!!


Hello internet! My name is Angela. I write daily about my travels, life, thoughts, and ramblings. I live down in New Zealand with my lovely husband, Rory. Thanks for stopping by!
  1. Ahhh 100 things, thats seriously an impressive list!! Got butterflies seeing the ‘get married’ ‘fall in love’ crossed off, thats so sweet :pp Really cool bucket list!

    1. Thanks Melissa!
      It took me ages to think of 100 XD
      I always figured love and marriage was a life goal, and I’m so lucky to be able to cross it off already πŸ™‚

  2. Holy crap! You are doing pretty damn well!

    1. Thanks Linda πŸ˜€

  3. Wow it’s great that you’ve got a bucket list!! I really hope you can eventually cross all the points off it!! ??

    1. Thanks Amelia. It was a lot of fun to think up ideas for it ?

      1. I bet it was!! ??

  4. Love it!!!! I’m glad you’ve been able to cross off so many already!

    1. Thanks Pamela ?

  5. You have never been to a spa?! Girl you need to get on it!

    1. Haha, I had a massage at a spa. But that was only like 30 minutes then I left. I would like to have a full on spa relaxation day ? just gotta get the time and money for it ?

  6. Dang you’re creative bb haha I like the float pod idea? random but it sounds super cool

    1. Thanks Alli! It took aaages to think of 100 ideas. Ive always been curious about those float pods. What would it be like to feel nothing for an hour and just float? ?

      1. yah 100 is a lot bb haha I’m impressed(: and right? It would be freaky af but I’m down aha

  7. You’re working on it, slowly but surely. Good for you! I just found one of my bucket lists in a random notebook recently and was going to post it. But I think I’d like to spend some time thinking and add some more to it. I’ve discovered a lot in these past few years. I’ve also lost my French over the years and would love to relearn, as you’d like to do with Tagalog. You NEED to watch all of the Star Wars movies!

    I love the idea of making every recipe from a book. It’s definite small goals that you can cross off. Reminds me of that movie Julia, Julia. Have you seen it? It’s also a book. You should start reading it when you start your goal. Might be cool.

    1. Yeah, I had started making a list aged ago, but i wanted to add more. There’s so much I’d like to do! I have only watched the 1st, 4th and 7th star wars ? I dont know why just those ones. I keep meaning to watch the rest. I agree that small goals are good to have on their too. I’ve heard of Julia Julia, but i haven’t watched or read it. Definitely something to look into ?

  8. It looks like we have a couple of things in common :). I want to go horse back riding, visit a spa, take a photography course, become fluent in another language and go on a helicopter ride.

    1. Cool ?
      They’re definitely great things to want to experience ?

  9. Love your list! I’ve been to Harry Potter World in Orlando, and let me tell you: it is truly magical! I’d also love to see some sights from the films too. I also really like the one about filling all the notebooks you’ve acquired! That’s definitely on my list too! I love cute notebooks and the idea of filling them, but I tend to write slower than I buy. πŸ˜‰

    1. Thanks Becca! Ooh you’re so lucky that you got to go! I’ve always wanted to visit HP world since it opened ?
      I have so many notebooks! I’ve finally stopped buying them a few months back, but I have at least 10 to fill with something ?

  10. Great idea! I love this post!

    1. Thanks Kate ?

  11. Thankfully, you didn’t say ‘have kids’, because once your have kids, your bucket list of 100 gets cut down to ten because you have much less money and time!
    Don’t worry, you’ll get a lot done in life but the actually done list will look a lot different!

    1. Have kids is on the list though πŸ˜€
      I do know they will cost money and time, but my parents travelled a lot with me and my siblings, so I feel like I could still do a lot πŸ˜€

      1. You’re gonna be fine, Angela!

  12. Geez, my bucket list is only 5 or 10 items long and I’ve done none of them yet because they’re that hard to achieve. I’ll have to take inspo from you and do something more realistic and start one lol

    1. Haha, I think a mixture of small, medium and big goals are key if you want to make a long bucket list πŸ˜€

  13. Love it! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

  14. I love your bucket list!!! I want to visit all the places where they filmed Harry potter!! A friend of mine visited so many already… great post!! And let’s fly together in first class πŸ˜‰

    1. Thanks Anni! It would be so much fun right! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  15. Fly first class on a plane is on my list too lol that’s such a good one! Magic tricks, so funny you say that I always question like how do these magicians learn their tricks, like do they go to school for it or what because I’m about to apply!!! I always want to know their secret!!!

    xo, JJ

    1. I am so keen to fly first class one day ? and magic tricks would be so good to pull out for friends and family ?

  16. hahaha I’m down for learning pole dancing and watch all of the movies that won an oscar!! WTF, BATHE IN MILK? Rui can solve a Rubik’s cube very quickly

    1. Hahaha ?
      The bathe in milk thing sounds hilarious to me. I want to experience it at least once even if it’s really weird ?
      I cannot for the life of me work out a Rubik’s cube. Even when I look up instructions!!

      1. Hahaha whole? 2%? semi-skimmed? skimmed? chocolate? soy? almond?

        1. No idea ?

  17. Thank you for sharing this! I love your bucket list!

    1. Thanks for reading ?

  18. Wow, thank you so much for sharing this! What a fantastic bucket list!! It is so great to see that you have already ticked off so much too! xxx

    1. Thanks Ella ?

  19. I think bucket lists are awesome. Maybe that is what I should do. πŸ˜€

    1. It’s definitely fun coming up with a bucket list! It gets you thinking about all the things you want to do πŸ˜€
      Thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚

  20. OMG congrats on buying a house!!! That is soooooo cool! And good luck with crossing off the rest of the things on your bucket list <3

    1. Thank you so much Jackie! ?

  21. Such a cool list!
    Congrats on achieving so many of them already!
    I think i would struggle coming up with 100 things, i think i might start one though, and only put something down if i really really want to do it! i Can imagine getting annoyed with myself for not being able to fill it up and just putting random things down!

    1. Thanks! It took me ages to think of 100 things ? I started a list, and I only had 20, but whenever I thought of something, I just added it on. It was fun to think of ideas though πŸ˜€

      1. Yeah, i think i might do it that way too! Such a great thing to have and it must be so satisfying crossing stuff off too!

  22. That’s a a list that can occupy you for a whole lifetime πŸ˜‰ The one that got me was ‘bathe in milk’. Get going with it already! What is a colour run though? xx

    1. Exactly! I have no idea how to go about the milk think. I just remember reading it somewhere, and it sounds interesting. You’d need a lot of milk though ?
      A colour run is like a fun run. It’s not timed or anything. It’s 10km or 5k depending on the place. And at each km you get sprayed with paint. So by the end, you’re just covered in a rainbow of colours πŸ˜€ I’ve always wanted to take part. I just need to find somewhere close by that does it.

      1. Yeah go be Cleopatra. Throw in some rose petals too while at it? πŸ˜‰ One can be decadent once in a while.

        A colour run sounds cute. Would be a whole lot of fun to run looking like a rainbow, hey!

        1. Haha, that does sound like fun! I have no idea if I’ll like it, but I wanna try it πŸ˜€
          A Colour run looks amazing! I’ve seen pictures, and it looks like fun to take part in πŸ˜€

          1. I will wait for the day you take part in a colour run πŸ˜‰

  23. I don’t really have a bucket list on mind at the moment even though I have things I hope to do and thing I have already done that I wanted to do

    1. Neither did I before making this post. It’s fun to write them down though and see them on paper πŸ™‚

      1. Well, I guess. Transferring to Gardner Webb University was one bucket list thing crossed off. And so was Chicago and England: I had two goals in London actually with one sounding silly and the two were seeing a guard and seeing Les Mis in the West End

        Have nots: The list goes on into graduating from Gardner Webb, working in Nonprofit, mission trip abroad, and seeing Les Mis in Spanish. I feel like the list could get longer

        1. You don’t need to do a post about it, but it would be fun to write all these bucket lists down somewhere, and look back on it in a few years. You could add more, or cross things off. It’s quite a fun list to have.

          1. Seems like it would be. Just my list would be so hard to think of what would be on there and what already happened that was already accomplished as in the least obvious ones that would be bucket list natured

  24. I had to memorize the periodic table of elements in eighth grade. It’s more tedious and annoying than difficult!

    1. ? Still, at least you can say that you’ve memorized it. Not much people can πŸ˜€

  25. I really hope you get to achieve all these things :0

    1. Thank you so much Misabella πŸ™‚

  26. Woohoo! Glad you were able to cross more off the list! ?

    1. Thanks Pamela! ?

  27. It is always nice to cross things off a list, but especially a bucket list! πŸ™‚ I have still not watched all of the Star Wars movies, even though my husband is a die hard Star Wars fan. One of these days I will have to follow suit and do it…

    1. It does always feel great to cross things off! I was happy to finally see the Star wars movies. They were surprisingly fun! ?

      1. I need to just do it. The hubby will be so proud of me!

  28. Aw I love the go for a romantic picnic on a hill!!! <3 I actually did that but it wasn't on a hill so I wonder if I could count that LOL There's so many things on your list I want to do too….make a dress, have a dog, go visit all things Harry Potter related lol I should really make a real life bucket list instead of trying to keep track of everything in my head haha

    xo, JJ

    1. As long as it was a romantic picnic with a view, I’d say it would count! πŸ˜€
      You should totally make a bucket list! It was so much fun writing this! You don’t need to make it really long (it took ages to try think of 100 ?), but it’s nice to have it written down somewhere πŸ˜€

  29. Oh my god I agree so much with your bucket list ! I just read it and I was like ‘Omg yes I want to do this too’ at every single item… Most of them are already on my bucket list but you also gave me new ideas !
    I wish you to fulfill your dreams ?

    1. Haha, I’m glad! I love reading bucket lists, they help give me new ideas too. That’s awesome that we share lots of items on the list! I wish us both luck in getting them done ??

  30. I struggled coming up with 30, you did so well coming up with 100! We both want to have a full driver’s license and solve a Rubik’s cube :3 You seem like you’ve already completed a decent chunk of yours too πŸ˜€

    1. Haha, it took me months to come up with that list!! I always feel like I get close to going for my full but then I don’t drive for 6 months and I’m back to square one. I’m hoping to get it by next year at the moment.
      I just can’t solve a Rubix cube! Even when I have a guide haha!
      I have done a fair bit which I’m really proud of! I need to touch base and see if I can cross anything else off πŸ™‚

      1. I need to go for my Restricted but first I need to actually get behind the wheel and learn the basics πŸ™‚

        1. That is always the biggest step. My dad took me around a parking lot for a week. Then he wanted me to drive on the road back home (it was 2 minutes away) and I was terrified. I’d never gone over 20kms and inched my way home ?? lucky there were no other cars around. The more you drive, the easier it gets ? I still get nervous sometimes, but i know what to do so there’s definitely progress!
          Good luck with your own driving journey ?

          1. Driving scares me because I am an anxious person anyway and having to be in control of a vehicle is daunting. Even if I am doing the right thing there’s always other people to worry about who may not be

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