Weekend Review #18

Otherwise known as the weekend we moved, or the weekend with the never ending to-do list.

This is going to be long cause I have to get it off my chest.


Woke up with still a lot to do. We did some cleaning and packing the night before but there was still a decent bit left to do.

Lots of boxes and bags

So over the next few hours, we packed, cleaned, and basically had no rest for 3 hours. Once we were almost completely done, we got a call saying the movers were on their way. Good. We wanted to get some things gone so we could do final cleaning and vacuuming.

The helpful movers

The guys were super chatty and efficient. They grabbed everything, and had it all nearly stackedin the truck 15 minutes later. Including our bed and two giant armchairs. They each just lifted one up and walked off like it weighed nothing. Magical.

By now it was almost 1 and we were starving!! So we stopped off at a bakery for some goodies. I had a bacon croissant and a lemon yogurt cake.

We still weren’t finished at the old flat though. So we drove all the way back to pick up the last bits and pieces and talk with our landlord. He was a little picky on the cleaning, but we parted on good terms. I will admit it was a little bittersweet seeing the flat all empty. We had been there for over a year and a half.

Our old bedroom

Rory and I were both super tired so we grabbed some energy drinks to perk up.

Now we drove all the way back (again) to our new home. My dad and brother stopped by to bring the extra stuff we left with them a few weekends back. Everyone is happy with the house. Rory and I realized we need a welcome mat as we had brought in dirt and grass. Dad told us the story of how he once bought a welcome mat that said “Go Away”, but mum made him return it. Classic.

So we stopped by Kmart and bought a lot of things we needed and some we wanted. Mops, welcome mats, shower curtain, pegs, hangers…and this off the shoulder top I decided I needed.

Our new mat
A Β mirror selfie with my new top that conveniently shows off my mandala tattoo

Afterwards, we had dinner with my family as we forgot to sort food. It was nice ? Then back at our own place we did more unpacking till we decided we couldn’t be bothered and went to bed.

Our new living room


We treated ourselves to a big breakfast!

Eggs, bacon, crumpets and coffee

It was nice eating together at a dining table. We did lots of laundry before heading off to get our groceries.

The weekly shop

When we got back we continued to unpack. Our neighbours came by to introduce themselves which was nice. Good old suburbia. I put up a mirror, and some pictures. Then we sat down and watched Community for a bit.

Our new bedroom
Our living room wall…so far!

We went to pick up a dresser and vanity dresser from my parents. It was tricky but we managed to maneuver them in the house on our own. They’re very nice. Wooden. The one with mirror is mine and I’m going to store all my makeup and things on it!

Our new dressers
Another mirror selfie, with the same top

We kept unpacking before just sitting down and playing video games. We remembered dinner this time and made some classic Mac’n’Cheese. We felt in the mood for a movie, so we picked Heathers! We also decided to drink some of the wine that our real estate agent gave us as a congratulations gift. We ended up drinking the whole thing ?


We took the next two days off work as we have a never ending list of things to do. I’m making progress on my vanity thing though.

My vanity area coming along nicely

Next thing on our list is getting a couch and coffee table for our living room.

Sun for days

We also need more things like hooks, general organising things, etc. We didn’t find anything in second hand stores which was a bit of a let down. We did find some we like in The Warehouse but we decided to sleep on it.

We did buy a BB-8 cookie jar though.

Rory had a dentist appointment in the afternoon, so I tagged along to go shopping. I went to Lush to finally try some bath bombs! I got Intergalactic and Dragon’s Egg. I also found another patterned singlet I love from Mirrou.

Dragon’s Egg!

Now for the fun. The next few hours were lost to phone calls, waiting queues, and not getting anywhere with our internet. I gave up after a while and tried out the Intergalactic bath bomb to relax. It worked great by the way.

After it all fizzed, we realized there were literal sparkles in the dark blue water.
So space-y!

So now I’m writing up this post on my phone which is new! But I have enough phone data for a while and I wanted to share how my weekend went. We still have more to do, but we’ll get there!

What are guys up to?


Hello internet! My name is Angela. I write daily about my travels, life, thoughts, and ramblings. I live down in New Zealand with my lovely husband, Rory. Thanks for stopping by!
  1. Oh my that bay window!!! Im in Love πŸ™‚
    So glad it went well…. moving can be so stressful but you seem to have taken it all in your stride!!
    Loving the vanity table, is that vintage wood? It looks amazing!!

    1. Thanks Hazel! The place has lots of windows in so many places! We get so much sun, it’s lovely ?
      Both dressers are wood, and they are kinda old, they’ve been with my family for a while ?
      The only thing that’s proving a pain with moving is getting our internet set up ? we keep running into issues and it’s so annoying ?

      1. There is nothing more important to me in a home than windows!! Its how we ended up in the place we are now! We have awesome windows hahaha!! For sure the little things in life!
        I love vintage furniture!! Yours looks so cool!! You better treat em nice πŸ™‚
        Oh god, ye!!! I remember it took us like 3 weeks or something crazy! It will all work out in the end (And About 7 million phone calls if its the same as our experience)

  2. Oh my gosh that cookie jar!!

    1. Thanks Abbey! We couldn’t resist it when we saw it on thr store ?

  3. You are such the busy little bee! I got tired just reading about all that you did!

    1. There’s so much to get done when you move house! It’s crazy ?

      1. Would you like to help me clean and organize mine, too?? You’re so efficient!

        1. Haha, one house is enough to look after! πŸ˜›

          1. Aw nuts, I tried. πŸ˜‰

  4. Leaving the old apartment must have been bittersweet. It is strange to think that all the time you spent in it is emptied out in a day. I remember sitting in our empty apartment in Northampton when our stuff was shipped out and feeling a strange mix of emotions. There was relief that the difficult part had been done but then there was enormous sadness at leaving behind the life we had made. xx

    1. Exactly! We lived in that flat for the longest. All the previous flats we stayed in for just a year. This was 18 months, so it was a bit longer and we got used to it. I can’t imagine leaving a place where you had lived in for so many years.

      1. Oh Angela, you got our feelings there. It was emotional but for once I did not cry. I would go back in a heartbeat you know. But well life goes on. xx

  5. OMGGG I’ve been so MIA!! But yipeeee!!! I can’t believe you guys are finally moving. Its cool to have followed you through the house hunting journey (or struggles? LOL) and it’s crazy cool that you now have a post about you and Rory moving in!!! I’m so happy and excited for ya’ll- you guys deserve it! I can’t wait till it’s all set up so that we can get a grand tour πŸ™‚ Congrats you two!!

    xo, JJ

    1. Haha, thanks Jenny!! I still can’t believe this place is ours! If call it struggles since we got close so many times but it didn’t go through ?
      But now we have our own little home ?

  6. So much progress! I love the cookie jar so much!

    1. Thanks Pamela! It really is slowly coming together ?

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