Hello Summer!

Summer is officially here in New Zealand, or at least in Wellington. We’ve had a week of sunny weather, even getting as high as 26 degrees! For us, that’s almost unthinkable. Last year, our summer lasted a few days then it just forgot us, so I think the weather is making up for it now.

In celebration of summer, I went for a walk down Oriental Parade, a popular spot in summer, as it has a very pretty beach in the centre of town.

Around the waterfront, we have lots of Pohutukawa trees lining the streets and many paths. It looks especially lovely when they’re all in bloom in summer.



more trees

There’s lots of paths heading in different directions. Everything just looks really good in the sunshine.


waitangi park

I really enjoyed walking around. As did lots of others. The close I got to the beach, the more crowded it became. We’re having a hotter summer earlier this year than we have in a while. Everyone was taking advantage after work.



Wellingtonians are all soaking up the sunshine! Also, to the right of the photo, you may be able to spot a crocodile bike. After all this, I was getting too tired in the sun, so I stopped by one of my favourite cafes.


Summer is well and truly arrived down here and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

I hope you guys enjoyed going for a little walk with me down here in Wellington! 😀


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Hello internet! My name is Angela. I write daily about my travels, life, thoughts, and ramblings. I live down in New Zealand with my lovely husband, Rory. Thanks for stopping by!
  1. I’m jealous, all of photos look so nice and the weather is beautiful. Here it is super windy and cold, but we should enjoy every weather. xx

    1. We’ve been having such a beautiful early summer which ia really rare for us! It’s true that all seasons have pros and cons ?

  2. So much blue sky! I’m really jealous!

    1. It’s been so nice recently! I’m enjoying it as much as I can before the nice weather moves over to your side of the world ?

  3. It looks so lovely. I love the beach photos I need to visit? x

    1. Oriental Bay is definitely one of the nicest beaches in Wellington! Definitely worth a visit ?

  4. 😮 New Zealand? SOO COOL! Were in the middle of the Winter here and boy is it cold!

    1. Haha, yep! We’re getting the opposite weather down here and it’s been so lovely ?

      1. Haha lucky! Its so bitterly cold up here and its messing with us to be honest.

  5. I agree when you say the heat has turned up earlier than usual, it’s like we’ve had an extra month of summer lol! The Pohutukawa tree pictures are my favourite 🙂

    1. It has eh! It’s so nice! I don’t remember it being so hot this early last year ?

      1. I find once it starts creeping up past 22 degrees it starts getting too hot lol, I prefer the cold 😛

        1. I am with you there. 22 and 23 is perfect. Especially if there’s a light breeze. Although one day I remember there was no wind and it got up to 25 and I was so grumpy ?

          1. We’ve had days over 25 here and it’s horrible 🙁 it wouldn’t be normal if people weren’t complaining about the weather lol

  6. Girl you are making me seriously want to travel there! We (FINALLY!) got snow, but it is sooo cold here! I am wishing for ninety degree weather and being by the beach! Your pics are gorgeous also! <3

    1. New Zealand is extra gorgeous in the summer! Everything is so colourful and warm ? last year we had a pitiful summer, so we’re all extra happy that we seem to getting lots of sunshine this time around!
      Snow definitely has it’s own charm as well ?

      1. Ahhh girl you are making me soon envious! Uhhhh I hate that when summers are dismal. I hope you continue to have lots of warmth and sunshine! It does during the holidays lol:) <3

  7. Ooh ice cream weather too then. The beach looks so alive and fun to hang around! xx

    1. It’s definitely ice cream weather! It’s lovely hanging around Oriental Bay this time of year. The summer weather and atmosphere are always so lovely ?

  8. Maaaan, I would looooove to go to New Zealand! Looks so gorgeous there!

    1. It is definitely beautiful 😀

  9. The place and weather looks beautiful…… summers are very hot in India….. we avoid going out……

    1. It is beautiful! The weather here normally doesn’t get too hot, just warm, so we all love to go out 😀

  10. I just recently found your blog and I absolutely love it! You make me want to visit New Zealand so bad.

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you enjoy my blog! New Zealand is such a lovely country, I hope you get to visit one day 😀

  11. The weather is so lovely there! You always take so lovely pictures, I really want to visit New Zeland one day it looks like such a beautiful place! xx

    1. New Zealand* can’t even type anymore lol

    2. Thank you so much Jasmin! Taking photos is so much more fun in summer, everything looks so bright and beautiful! I do hope you get to visit one day 🙂

  12. So crazy that you celebrate Christmas in summer!! I really miss summer though xx

    1. Haha, it’s always going to be a weird thought! Summer will come around eventually for you guys, which is why I’m enjoying it as much as I can now ?

  13. Looks so sunny in New Zealand!! I wish it was the case in England it’s like -1°!! ? xx

    1. It is really lovely at the moment! Haha, I’ll try send some sunshine your way! 😉

      1. I’d love that ?

  14. i’m jealous! i want good weather over here, we’re lucky to see the sun every once in a while and we’re also lucky it’s not raining cats and dogs lol.. BUT i do miss warm weather 😀
    and omg that beach is FULL!! is that the only one in the area? or do people drive further out to go to other beaches?

    1. Haha, the joys of having the sun move over to this side of the world!
      The beach is crazy full! Wellington has so many beaches everywhere. Since we’re an island, beaches aren’t hard to come by. Summers here are sketchy, some years we get barely anything. This year is a good one, we’re actually getting hot, not just warm, days. So everyone is taking advantage and stomping off to the beach. This one is one of the more popular options though 😀

      1. ah okay, that makes more sense then. It’s ridiculously cold over here so i’m very jealous! lol

  15. Glad to hear that Wellington is experiencing some good summer heat now haha! Planning to go there early next year and everybody is saying that I should bring an extra jacket for the wind =D Nice shots too!

    Posted something about Bay if Islands maybe you want to check it out? Hopefully you can visit the North this summer, sun here is great! =)

    1. Wellington is definitely getting lots of lovely weather recently! There’s still some wind, but nothing like our usual winds haha! Thank you! 🙂
      I’ll definitely check out your post on the Bay of Islands

  16. Awww, these photos are gorgeous! We’ve just returned home to Auckland after nearly two weeks away, five days of which were spent in Wellington. Sadly, the weather wasn’t quite that good when we were there! I lived in Wellington for five years in my late teens and early 20s, and it’s still one of my favourite places on earth!

    1. Haha, it can be hit and miss with Wellington weather! That’s a shame it wasn’t that good when you were here! The last few days have been gorgeous 🙂

      1. We were lucky and had one gorgeous day last Saturday! And the rest of the time we just hunkered down at friends’ houses, and in lovely cafes 🙂

  17. New Zealand is such a beautiful place. I would love to visit it someday…
    Talking about summers, in my country, India, the temperature skyrockets upto 40 degree Celsius in various places… So we get roasted in the heat here.. ??
    The pictures you took are wonderful, I must say.. ❤️
    This is a nice post..

    1. It is definitely beautiful! I hope you do manage to visit one day.
      Our summers are very tame compared to yours. The temperatures just stay in the 20’s, and that’s hot enough for us haha!
      Thank you so much Vera 😀

      1. 🙂 🙂

  18. Man, I wish it was summer here in NJ, USA. Great shots!

    1. Thanks Jo! I’m definitely soaking up summer as long as it’s here! Soon enough you guys will be having the warmer weather 😀

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