New Year Sales Haul

Another haul post! I feel like I’ve done a lot lately. What with my birthday, Christmas, and now New Year’s…this is the time where I have the least amount of self control when it comes to shopping. But now, I’m back on track with my budgeting and keeping a beady eye on my impulsive shopping nature.

But first, here’s what I’ve bought since the Christmas madness!



Even more makeup. I have so much fun trying lots of different products, and sometimes it leads to falling in love with a product. This seems to encourage the cycle. Anyway, I bought the Stila Stay-All-Day liner in Midnight, the Wet’n’Wild Crease Brush and a NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in London.

I like that I now have a non-black liner, even if it is a dark blue. It’s good for experimenting! Also, the liner literally stays all day, and does not smudge. The eye brush was highly recommended on Influenster, and I really like it. I wanted a blending brush, and this one is amazing for it’s price. I already can’t stop wearing the lipstick, and I’m considering getting more!

skin and hair care

Some face cleansers and shampoo, as I was running low. I bought the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, OGX nourishing and Coconut Milk Shampoo, and Formula 10.0.06 Best Face Forward Daily Foaming Cleanser.

So I bought the Daily Foaming Cleanser first. I absolutely love the fruity scent. It’s Passionfruit and Green Tea, it smells and feels refreshing when I put it on. It also foams a lot, which is fun. But, I did notice that after a few days, afterwards my face would feel a little oilier. I also got a few breakouts, which is a shame as I do like it otherwise. So I bought the Cetaphil cleanser to use every day, and save the other one for maybe just once a week. I have only used the shampoo for a week, but I love it. I’ve never heard of this brand, but it makes my hair smooth, shiny, and smell like coconut!


stationary and scrapbooking

A whole bunch of knick knacks and stationary. Cause I love them all. So I got a bunch of scrapbooking things as I want to get back into it. This includes some lace adhesive, paper flowers, patterned cardstock, and a scrapbook. The scrapbook looks so cute on it’s own already. Brown, with gold words saying “Live a Great story”. I also bought a sushi notebook, a cactus trinket, and a small rose gold pocket mirror.

craft jars

I have a vague idea of what I want to do with these tiny craft jars. Also, they were on sale, and I just wanted them.

paint and canvas

You may know me as the girl with a million interests and hobbies. Well, these were also on sale, and I thought it could be fun to mess around with. I’ve already mentioned that my impulse shopping is very high in December and January right?

mini cross stitch kit

I really miss cross-stitching. I didn’t think I would have time to do a big one, so I grabbed this tiny hot air balloon one to do.

Home Decor and Electronics

pineapple chalkboard

We saw this in Kmart, and thought “Why not”. Now we have a pineapple chalkboard to leave messages and/or doodle on in our kitchen.


We got a new tv. It’s 51-inch, which is ginormous for us. We’d been considering getting a bigger tv for a while. We finally gave in, and now it’s easier for us to see what we’re doing when we’re playing games.

phone cover

Finally, I got a new phone cover. I love the wallet ones as it means I don’t need to bring my wallet everywhere. My old one was literally falling apart, but I had been using it for almost 18 months now.

Did you guys buy anything over the New Years?


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  1. Dark blue liner sounds cool! Eyeliner is something I haven’t mastered yet so I don’t wear it lol. The shampoo brand is good, I’ve used the blue (Argan Oil) minis and really liked the products. Yay for your new bigger TV 😀

    1. It really is! I’ve always loved eyeliner! I’m still learning how to do more with it. It’s so nice to have a bigger tv! I didn’t realize how tiny our one was before hand ?

      1. What size tv did you have?

        1. Now we have a 51 inch tv 🙂

          1. What size was the old one?

          2. 32 inch. So it was a really decent jump!

  2. Very nice haul and that iphone case is cute!!

    1. Thank you! I’m really happy with my new case, my old one was falling apart ?

  3. I haven’t bought much since New Years but I’m planning to have a massive shopping spree in a few days. I’m envious of your TV and I think the phone case is very cute! Awesome post Angela! ?

    Pearl ||

    1. I’ve bought a lot over Christmas and New Years, so now I’m working on getting it under control haha! It is nice to splurge every now and then though 🙂
      Thanks Pearl! <3

  4. I have really similar shade of NYX lip cream, mine is called Abu Dhabi. I wanted to buy London but it was sold out. xx

    1. It’s such a nice shade! I really love their lipsticks, the formula is so good 🙂

  5. Love your haul, especially a new TV. 😛 We want one too, so we can retire our current one to the computer room.

    1. Thanks Eileen! Haha, a new tv had been on our list for the longest time. We had our small one for around 3 years, and kept saying we’d buy a better one soon. Now we finally have. Hopefully you guys can get one soon too 😀

  6. I love the nyx soft matte lip cream & that color is so nice! beautiful new tv & love the stationery bits ?

    1. It’s such a good lipstick!! I really want to buy more of them. Thanks Jamie! 😀

  7. I love your pineapple chalkboard!! This would be such a great present for my mum, xx

    1. Hehe, I immediately wanted it when I saw it! It lives in our kitchen now 😀
      I hope you can find one soon!

    1. I love them too! I’m trying to figure out what I can do with them now 🙂

  8. Great haul with lots of great stuff. I love collecting together recent purchases, for some reason it makes me excited about them all over again 🙂

    1. Thanks Sarah! I kinda feel the same way, it’s nice to see everything you’ve bought recently all together 😀

  9. This haul is cute and I’ve brought so much over new year it’s insane x great post

    1. Thank you! There’s always lots of great sales on at this time of year 🙂

  10. Love that phone case! You’ve got some wonderful items (: and I’m getting Horizon Zero Dawn soon, excited to play it haha

    1. Thanks Shannon! I am in love with Horizon Zero Dawn. Rory got it for his birthday and I didn’t try it till over the Christmas holidays. Safe to say, I’m addicted ?

  11. I love Cetaphil cleanser! My dermatologist introduced me to it and I have been using it for weeks and love the results!
    Courtney ||

    1. I’ve been loving it too! It’s such a good cleanser 🙂

  12. What a great haul! I love those little jars! So cute! I keep sand, seashells, and seaglass in mine 🙂 Also Cetaphil is the best! I hope you have a great weekend beauty! <3

    1. They’re so cute! I’m already thinking up ideas of what I can do with them! I hope you have a great weekend too 😀

  13. I love all of these 🙂 especially those little glass jars! 🙂

    1. Thanks Hannah! They’re so cute! I’m starting to look for little projects I can do with them 🙂

      1. Little shells! Make like a sea in a bottle 😀

  14. Loving everything you bought in the sales!! ? xx

    1. Thanks Amelia! 😀

      1. Its okay xx

  15. I totally want a wallet case for my next phone! They sound so handy!

    1. They really are! I don’t have to bother with my wallet since everything is with my phone 😀

  16. Nice haul. The only thing I’ve hauled are books which I’ll be featuring on the blog sometime this week.

    1. Thanks Diana! I can’t wait to see what you got ?

  17. i have so many of those WnW brushes, they’re really really nice, I’ve found the majority of mine at the dollar store, anytime I see them there, I grab at least 5 lol. can never have too many, to be honest. 🙂
    and i have that coconut milk shampoo, so far i really like it 🙂 and the formula 10.0.6 foaming cleanser is my favorite one! i’ve bought it 3 times already, it doesn’t let me down 😀
    you got lots of cute little things!

    1. I have two Wet’n’Wild brushes, and I’m so happy with them! They’re so cheap, but they’re so good! I definitely plan to get more 😀
      The shampoo smells so good! I love using it!!
      I promised myself this would be my last big haul in a while haha. I have too much fun spending in December and January. But now I’m trying to focus on getting my budget back under control ?

      1. Yes, exactly! Cheap but good! LOL. Other brushes you should look into are the BH Cosmetics, although I’m not sure how expensive it would be to ship overseas. :/
        Oh man, I’m with you there! We went to IKEA over the weekend and spent like $100 on a few things for the house LMAO. I’m so eager to re-decorate the house and make it homier and more vibrant 🙂
        No kidding, after this huge haul of ours too, I will need to re-evaluate our spending.. So far, not so good for my new year’s resolution haha

        1. I always love the idea of remodelling and doing decorating for our house! I love Kmart and we’ve had to stop going there cause we always walk out with so much random home decor ?

          1. We’ve only re-painted the kitchen so far, my mom painted it a salmon coral color, which I didn’t like, so we painted over with white, it looks xo much better. I also got a new leafy plant and three new bamboo plants for the kitchen lol. Next is to re-decorate and re-arrange the living room lol
            Ah lucky, all the kmart stores over here have closed ?

  18. So many lovely things you have got! I haven’t done cross-stitching in ages, you really made me crave to do it haha I have totally forgotten that it exists! cx

    1. I haven’t done it in ages either! I used to be really into it a while back. I found the whole exercise relaxing, so when I saw this mini kit, I thought it would be a fun way to pick up the hobby again 😀

  19. Love everything that you got!! Your phone cover is gorgeous ? I’m also a girl with a million hobbies lol

    1. Thank you!! I was way overdue for a new phone case, and I loved this one! It’s always fun to have a million hobbies, if only there was enough time in the day to do them all 😀

  20. We have similar hobbies but living as an expats overseas I seem to lost my willingness to do it 🙁

    1. It takes me a while to lose interest in hobbies haha! I always seem to continually pick up new ones 🙂

  21. Your scrapbooking items are so cute angela :). I love scrapbooking myself and any crafts that deal with using jars. It looks like we enjoy some of the same hobbies 🙂

    1. Thanks Bee! Scrapbooking really is a fun hobby 🙂

      1. anytime angela 🙂 it really is

  22. I’m interested to see what you do with those jars! Also, I really like the wallet/phone cover, but I feel like I would set it down and lose it. —

    1. Thanks Emily! I have a post coming soom about my little diy project on them! ?

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