My Relationship With Tattoos

As many of you probably know, I have a few tattoos. If you’ve been following me since my early days, then you would have come along with me as I got my first , then second, and most recently, my third tattoo. I may be slightly addicted. If I’m being honest, I am already looking at ideas for a fourth. What’s mostly stopping me is money at the moment, I’m trying to focus on saving. Also, I got three tattoos in under a year, so maybe I should just slow my roll a little.

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Anyway, this will be another rambly type of post, as I wanted to open a conversation about tattoos in general. Lots of people I talk to have differing opinions about it. My mum is someone who doesn’t really like them (although she’s slowly getting okay with mine, but each time I get another one she keeps telling me not to get any more). I got to thinking if this was either a generation thing, or maybe a culture thing. My co-worker who is the same age, and also from the Philippines like my mum, was talking to me about her view on tattoos. She thinks she would maybe look at getting one if she was younger, but that she grew up with a view that those who were tattooed were possibly in a gang, or into something bad. Tattoos had a negative connotation. But then she came here, and tattoos didn’t have that. They’re seen as a form of expression or body art. It’s fairly common to have a tattoo.

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Some of my co-workers do have tattoos. One co-worker who does have tattoos, has Maori symbols from her tribe. Another co-worker has a small delicate heart tattoo. Another one has a floral one along her ribs. As I was beginning to think about getting my first one, I noticed tattoos more and more. I would eye up people who had them, admiring them and mentally adding them to my never-ending list of possible tattoo ideas. It’s not at all uncommon down here, as I’m sure it’s the same in other countries.

floral tattoo

I never grew up thinking tattoos were bad. As I understood more of them, I just thought they sounded scary, cause the process to get them involved needles on your skin. Sounded painful. I always joked about getting one though. It wasn’t until Rory started answering my jokes and encouraging me to go for it since I talked about it all the time. Finally, I did. I got my first. I loved it. Then I got a second, and a third. So it’s all Rory’s fault.

People always seem surprised when they realize I have tattoos. I love how my good friend Lyz describes me with tattoos.

The more tattoos you get, Angela, the more I think it suits you. The edge looks good on you, and I think is unexpected because you have such a sweet face. ? Contrast is always fun.

Yes, Lyz, I’ve saved that comment. It’s one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me. I don’t know if I mentioned that, but it’s true!

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My co-workers now all know I have tattoos. I always get complimented on my giant mandala one, and they’re all shocked when I tell them it took three hours. That was a huge commitment. It’s also funny how the kids react to them. They often touch and rub my tattoo. Probably trying to see if I just drew on myself. The older kids who can talk now know I have tattoos. One girl always asks why I don’t have a matching tattoo on my other arm/leg. Each time I see her, she asks me that same question and it’s hilarious. There’s no judgement from them. They sometimes come to the centre with temporary tattoos, and proudly show me their own tattoo. They’re growing up in a culture where having tattoos are a normal part of society. It’s nice.

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As I come to the end of my rambly post, I wanted to ask you guys on your opinions of tattoos. I know quite a lot of you guys do have some yourself. Others may not and be completely against the idea of it. So let’s talk. Do you have any tattoos? Do you want to get any? Why/why not? If you’re against them, is it a cultural reason? A health one? Do you just not like them? Talk to me, cause I’m curious 🙂


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  1. they’re totally addictive, I have 5 & I’m always thinking of the next one. yours are really nice & I agree that they give a nice contrast to your ‘sweet’ look! it’s definitely become more of a norm which is nice & I love that they’re a fun way to express yourself & always be wearing some art!

    1. They really are addictive! Everyone said that to me before I got my first one and I never believed them haha! They’re definitely pieces of art you get to carry with you all the time ?

  2. I love that delicate one on your arm, it’s so pretty. I would totally have something like that behind ear or on neck. xx

    1. A delicate floral tattoo is always so beautiful! There’s so many placement ideas ?

  3. I think they can be a cool way of expressing self. I have not got any myself as nothing in particular fancy. I have piercings, I like piercing better as can change jewellery or take out. I can not think of anything I would permanently want on my body.

    I don’t mind them on other people. How much I like depends on design. If it is a good design and a good story behind that makes it better.

    Don’t think I have seen someone’s tattoo on their face that I have liked.

    1. That’s cool to hear! I also like seeing other people’s tattoos. Its always interesting to see the design or story behind it ?

  4. There is still such a stigma that comes with tattoos but I do think in the past few years they have become more acceptable in work places ect. Buy they are so addictive! I got my first in November and love it so much so glad I took time in planning it out and am already thinking/planning the of a next one!Xx

    1. There definitely is, but at the same time, people’s thinking about the is definitely changing. Our generation seems to be pretty cool with them ?
      Haha, they are definitely addictive! That’s cool that you’re already thinking of your next one ?

      1. Yeah I am glad that it is a lot more accepted now 🙂 Xx

  5. I don’t have any tattoos. When I was a teen I thought about getting 1 or 2 small ones. Like my middle name, or a heart/stars somewhere but I decided not to. I don’t think I ever will. I’m not against them but I don’t see them for myself though I have had people tell me tattoos would look good on me lol ??‍♀️ if I were to get one now it would probably include a beautiful quote and flowers maybe.
    I agree with Lyz, the edge is a good look yet unexpected because of your sweet face.☺️

    1. It’s definitely a personal choice. I’ve always liked them, but I’m glad I chose to wait for a long time before getting my first. That way it’s not an impulsive decision. Since then, the may have been a bit more impulsive though lol.
      Thanks Lee! ?

  6. I love tattoos, I am currently considering one (well, I’ve been considering one for a few years, but seriously now).
    I think as long as they aren’t offensive or hurtful to people (such as getting the Swastika as an example) then it’s your body – do you. It’s so much easier to remove tattoos if you ever change your mind now, and it’s becoming more affordable, so that’s a plus too. A permanent tattoo doesn’t have to be permanent if you change your mind and are willing to pay the price to have it removed.

    1. Im with you there! As long as you think it through, and its a design that’s not offensive, then go for it!
      That’s true that you can get it removed at a later date too if you really want to down the line as well. That’s cool that you’re interested in getting one too! Just letting yoh know though, they’re not kidding when they say it’s addictive . Once you have your first, you might immediately start plotting your second ?

      1. I’ve been warned – but I’ll still hold you accountable – that delicate one on your wrist is twisting mine ?

  7. I love tattoos. In the UK they are super common, so I don’t see aby stigma about them. It’s only if you work for the police etc you have to cover them. I love your dainty floral one xx

    1. I figured they’d be common over there. I know some jobs here require you to be able to cover up your tattoos, but that’s it too. Thanks Dannii!! ?

    2. Funnily enough, I actually saw a cop this morning who had significant arm tattoos – mind you, this is Australia so it could be different here haha

      1. Haha our police do have tattoos but you’re not supposed to see them. Same with nurses etc, I think they have to wear long sleeves if they have tattoos on their arms. I don’t think it matters but I guess the UK’s just a bit fussy x

  8. Tattoos are totally addictive tho it did take a few years between getting my first one on my 24th birthday to my 2nd one – after I moved to Australia at the age of 30. I now have 8 of them and want more! I love the mandala ones but not for a spiritual reason, just because I like the design.

    I am currently thinking about a coverup of two of my tatts on my shoulder blade but it will have to be quite large and the cost is putting me off at the moment. The funny thing is, I always forget about the pain until I get a new one but I haven’t really had an extremely painful tattoo. I am always on the look out for new designs and I agree with you, now I have them myself I am always noticing them on other people – I have even been known to take a photo of a shop assistants tattoo because I liked it.

    I think a lot of people still associate tattoos with the less desirable because that is who had them for a lot of years but I think a lot of people would be surprised to find out who actually has tattoos – sometimes they are hidden from view so you never actually know!

    1. They really are addictive, it’s so funny! I also love the design of mandalas, they’re just so beautiful! I really want to get another large one 🙂
      The cost does get a little much over time though, so it may be wise to save up specifically for it!
      That’s true about tattoos! You don’t know who may have one 🙂

  9. The comment from your co-worker is sweet! I don’t know that I’d get a tattoo personally but I can admire how nice they look on other people 🙂

    1. Tattoos definitely are a personal thing. I’ve always loved them and wanted one of my own, so it’s not really a surprise I’ve wound up with at least three one me haha! I love looking at other people’s tattoos as well 🙂

      1. The stories and reasons behind tattoos are fun to hear too!

  10. Yours are fabulous, so well done (: I had a really great idea for my first two, but I think they’re a bit too complicated (location wise) for my first experience. I have a few more ideas for a few simpler pieces (: hopefully sooooooooon if I can save up the money lol

    1. Thank you! I wanted my huge mandala to be my first ever one, but I decided something smaller and simpler would be better for my first experience haha! Good luck on saving up money for your one! 🙂

  11. i love your tattoos and the story behind each one. I believe tattoos can make you a better person and can be a source of inspiration 😀

    1. Thank you so much! They definitely can be a source of inspiration 🙂

  12. I love your tattoos and the story behind each one. 😀

    1. Thank you so much! 🙂

  13. I agree with you the only thing that puts me off tattoos is the pain of the needle going in!! I might get a small tattoo on my finger when I’m older ? xx

    1. That’s what stopped me for the longest time! But the pain wasn’t too bad for me. It’s uncomfortable and constant, but it’s bearable. Definitely wait till you’re ready though 😀

      1. Awww that’s comforting to know. Yeah definitely ? xx

  14. Personally, I’m not a fan of tattoos. Firstly, here there can be a lot of discrimination against people with tattoos in jobs, like working in schools you aren’t allowed to have tattoos showing, so I wouldn’t want to risk my job prospects by one. But secondly, my main thing is that they may seem OK when you’re younger, but the thought of still having that tattoo when you’re like 90 is just weird to me. I hope they both made sense? I’m not judgemental to anyone who has tattoos, but personally they aren’t for me 🙂

    1. I totally understand that! I’m lucky in my job where having a tattoo doesn’t affect my job at my centre. A lot of the parents as well as teachers have tattoos so im lucky. Other places may not be as accommodating. Its definitely all up to personal choice, and if you dont want any, then that’s all good ?

  15. I love tattoos, i have three including a large side tattoo of cherry blossom that goes all the way up my rib cage. I get that theyre not for everyone but a lot of the time people have some pretty big opinions on them and i really don’t think theyre that big of a deal. My boss got drunk at Christmas party and said girls were demeaning themselves when they got tattoos and if his daughters got any hed tell them to get out and not come back. Which is very old fashioned and its changed my opinion of him a bit, everytime i tried to inject my opinion of him saying i was demeaning myself i got ignored, so i left lol. He never mentioned it again but its stuck with me. Each to their own and keep your opinions to yourself please 🙂 x

    1. That cherry blossom tattoo sounds amazing! Some people do have quite strong opinions about them, but most people I’ve met are quite open to them which is good. That does sound like an awkward situation with your boss though haha.

  16. I love them! I have one and since I am viewed as the quiet, “wholesome” type, often people don’t belive it haha! Mine is on my ribs so you only see it in a two piece or cut off shirt! I want another, too! But I should save money ?

    1. Mine are on my arms and leg, so they’re in plain sight to see, but sometimes you don’t know how has a tattoo! They really are for anyone, as long as you want one, go for it! Haha, money is the issue though 😀

  17. Tattoos are the best! Joshua & I got matching tattoos back in October and we can’t wait to get more. I have super sensitive skin (a condition called dermographism), so it makes it much more painful for me, but it’s totally worth it. The pain is only temporary! The cost is what holds us back as well, but we are hoping to treat each other to another tattoo each in July for our anniversary. They are such fun and a great way to express your own unique personality or tell a story.

    1. They really are! Ooh, ouch! I don’t really have sensitive skin, so luckily the pain isn’t too bad. But they are such a great way of expressing yourself! It’s funny that the cost ends up holding us back from getting more in the end. Good luck in saving up! 🙂

  18. Beautiful pieces

    1. Thank you ?

  19. I like tattoos on other people! Ha. I don’t like permanent things on myself, so I would not get them. I like hearing the story behind the tattoo. 🙂

    1. It’s definitely a personal choice, and if you don’t want one yourself that’s totally fine! I also love hearing the stories behind a tattoo, they’re so interesting 🙂

  20. Hey girl, I love tattoos. I have two currently and have some others in mind, but it takes me forever to settle on my choice. I’m always afraid I’ll rush and not be happy with it later, so I’m a chicken in that respect. Also deciding on a location drives me nuts.

    My family is Haitian and tattoos where always viewed as something only the worst of society would have. My parents freaked out when I got my first one even though I gave them months of notice, and they freaked out on my second as well, though it’s small and dainty like your flowers. Just like your mom they keep telling me not to get anymore… okay. I can’t wait to see what your next one will be!

    1. I really do love tattoos. Once I think of an idea i like, I then think of a placement. I look at lots of Pinterest pictures for inspiration too. Then i get it done ? so slightly impulsive, and slightly planned out. I’ve been really happy with all of them luckily ?
      I think some cultures still do see tattoos as just something that only the ‘worst’ people have. It’s definitely not in a lot of places, but it must be pretty confusing for some ?
      I’m hoping to get another tattoo thos year, but I’m trying to limit myself this time ?

  21. I love tattoos! My mum absolutely hates them, so she wasn’t too keen on me when I got four under two years. My dad has four as well so he’s fine! I’ve had people also think I drew mine on haha and a my best friend often points out the contrast between the ‘bad-ass’ look and my goofy personality! I’ve already planned a couple of mine out, but just like you I actually need to save some money before that! Great post! Priya xx

    1. Thanks Priya! I do love tattoos, so it’s cool that your dad is open to them as well! It is funny how tattoos are considered ‘bad-ass’. I’m definitely not, but I love that my tattoos give me an ‘edge’ haha! ?

      1. Yeah it definitely makes it easier when I mention wanting another! I am definitely not bad-ass at all haha, but agreed i don’t mind looking it xx

  22. Growing up people always associated them with gangs and when I told my mom I wanted one she said that I would have to make sure I can hide it well for job interviews. But the world is changing, the way people view tattoos now is totally different in each generation. I for one can’t wait to get my first but I’m still planning and looking into it and what I would like.

    1. I get that. I used to associate tattoos with gangs and such, but then I began noticing them on all kinds of people. It’s definitely becoming more common and almost mainstream. Which is cool that they’re becoming more socially acceptable! How exciting that you’re thinking of getting one! Pinterest is such a great place for getting ideas, but there’s just so many ?

      1. Yeah I can’t believe I didn’t think of Pinterest for tattoo idea I mean come on, they have EVERYTHING lol

  23. Tattoos really are addictive! I have 9 already and keep wanting more, it’s only the money stopping me aha! Probably a good thing they’re pricey otherwise I’d be covered in no time! I love you little dainty one especially – it’s very cute! xo

    1. They really are! Haha, I keep wanting more and more, but the money is the main roadblock. But like you say that’s good! It slows us down haha 🙂
      Thanks Carina!

  24. I have shocked people when I told them I had tattoos, like I am to innocent to have them or something. Lol. There is definitely a stigma with them, but thankfully I think that is slowly going away. I love them and I love hearing the meaning or reasoning behind the designs people choose. They definitely do become addicting. I love yours and can not wait to see the next one you get 🙂 <3

    1. People are still always surprised when they realize I have a tattoo. I do love them though, and I love seeing other people’s tattoos too. It is really nice that people seem to becoming less judgmental about them 🙂

      1. So do I! It is incredible how artistic people are in this way. I can’t even draw stick people and do design a tattoo on someone is incredible! <3

  25. I love tattoos and also my mum was the exact same at first. How ever completely doesn’t mind me getting tattoos – she’s even looking to get one herself ! I’m looking to get a third one and you post definitely made me more keen.

    1. Tattoos are such a great way of expressing your self! That’s cool that your mum is looking into getting one too 🙂

  26. I love tattoos and I completely agree that they’re addictive. I have 4 at the moment but I’ve decided what I want for my fifth and I’m jut waiting to get it now. Tattoos are such a good way to express yourself! All my tattoos are small and I haven’t had the courage to get a big one as of yet!

    1. They really are addictive! And it’s true that they’re a great way to express yourself! Good luck on getting your fifth one! 🙂

  27. Your tattoos are beautiful! I totally understand how addictive they are— I only just got my first one and am already planning out all of my future ones haha. Awesome blog sweetie, keep it up!

    1. Thank you! Haha, that’s how I was after getting my first! I immediately started thinking about future ones!

  28. I love your delicate self expression. I’m someone who will not ever get a tattoo, simply because my self expression is not an external one, it’s an internal one. Most tattoo’s look good on people, however for me I can see when someone didn’t put very much thought into the design, because it doesn’t match the energy of who they are becoming.
    March on, brave one…

    1. That’s fair enough. It’s definitely a personal choice of expression, and not for everyone. I agree that some people don’t think too much about their tattoos which is unfortunate. I do think it’s something that requires a lot of planning and forethought.
      Thanks for your comment 🙂

  29. I love tattoos I’ve got a full sleeve going onto my chest one on neck and leg and even my bum (don’t ask ?) and a couple on my other arm. I always wanted one when growing up my Dad and uncles had them so it’s there fault I’ve got them. I like looking at other people with tattoos especially of there’s a story behind it.

    1. That’s a lot of tattoos! That’s cool that members of your family had them too, so it’s something that was immediately accepted 🙂
      I like knowing the stories behind tattoos too. They’re always so interesting 🙂

      1. Yeah it’s definitely alot easier when the family are already accepting. The stories behind peoples are always nice to hear.

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