Award Catch-Up (Liebster Award, Sunshine Award, The Application Tag and Versatile Blogger Award)

I’ve got a few awards to catch up on, so I’m going to combine them into one big post! Which will now be my plan for all awards I’ve been nominated for, as that way I can keep track of them easier. I’ve also been nominated for the TMI tag from Azra, but I’ll save that for another post, as there’s a lot of questions, and I don’t want to overload this post!!

Liebster Award

Jamie from Don’t Give a Jam nominated me for this award. Here are her questions:

  • How’s your day going?

Pretty good. It’s very hot at the moment.

  • What did you eat for breakfast?

Scrambled eggs on toast

  • First thing you do when you wake up?

During the weekdays – turn of my alarm and go have a shower

During the weekends – check my phone and go on either WordPress or Instagram

  • Are you a morning person or a night owl?

Morning person. I cannot stay up late nowadays. I’d rather go to sleep at 10, then wake up at 7am and start doing things.

  • Team pizza or team burrito?

Pizza all the way.

  • What is your favorite decade for fashion?

The 90’s. Everything is colourful and loose. Also, overalls.

  • Favorite board game?

It changes a lot. But currently, Settlers of Catan.

  • Add a link to a blog post that makes you proud

Positive Thinking. Bonus: My Relationship with Tattoos. Both were posts where I just shared my thoughts, and it led to lots of interesting conversations.

  • Do you believe in aliens?

Honestly, I don’t know. But the universe is so huge, that it doesn’t seem plausible that we’re the only life forms around.

  • Is there a book you’re currently reading?

Yes. Astrophysics for People in a Hurry, by Neil deGrasse Tyson. He’s the reason for my answer above.

  • What’s your favorite TV show to binge watch?

Either short 20-minute sitcoms, or some kind of reality tv show like Kitchen Nightmares.

Sunshine Award

Jamie again nominated me! This time for the Sunshine Award!

  • Movies or TV?

TV. I find bingeing tv shows more fun than watching tons of movies.

  • What is your favorite breakfast?

Pancakes and waffles.

  • Candles or room spray?

I don’t really use either, but I prefer candles.

  • What do you like to do to relax?

Take a bath.

  • Ketchup or mustard?


  • Do you believe in any conspiracy theories?

Not really.

  • Video games or board games?


  • What is your favorite makeup item?

Eyeshadow. It’s the one I spend the longest time on nowadays and it’s a lot of fun to play with.

  • Summer or winter?

I’m currently in the middle of summer!

  • What’s your favorite hobby (besides blogging)?

Crafty things, like jigsaw puzzles, or cross stitching.

  • Hoodies or cardigans?

Cardigans. Although hoodies are also pretty comfy.

The Application Tag

Esther created this neat little tag about the apps we use on our phone.

  • What is the name of your phone?

Samsung Galaxy J5

  • What is the total amount of apps you have on your phone?

I actually don’t know, so I went and counted them all. There are 60. But a lot are disabled as I don’t use them and didn’t want them taking up space. A lot are default ones that came with my phone.

  • What are the seven most used apps on your phone?

Call – We don’t have a landline, so if I do need to make a call (order something, book an appointment, or just to chat), I use my cellphone.

Camera – Duh. I use my DSLR when I plan ahead, but otherwise my go-to is still my phone. For taking selfies, snapshots of the day, or if I see something cool. It’s nice to always have a camera in my pocket.

Clock – I use my phone to check the time all day long (and sometimes night). It’s my most used app for sure.

Gmail – For checking emails on the go. I check it at least once each time I’m on a break. Sometimes more if I’m waiting on an important email.

Instagram – My second favourite social media site. I’m on here multiple times a day.

Messages – Texting is my main form of communication with people.

WordPress – My very favourite social media! My blog is one of my priorities, and I can’t help but to check up on it many times during the day.

  • What are the seven most useless apps on your phone?

Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel, One Note, Google Hangouts, Google Play Music, Google Play Movies.

This all came already installed, and I use none of these on my phone. I can’t uninstall them, so I leave them disabled.

  • What are the seven most useful apps on your phone?

Out of Milk – Rory and I both use this and share an account. Basically, you add something to the list, and it goes on your partner’s list too. So if someone heads to the store, we can get everything we need.

Photos – Where I store all my photos from my camera and my DSLR. It’s good to know they’re all backed up.

Habits – A new app I have, but it keeps me responsible for my current goals. You enter what habits you want to keep, and decide when it gives you notifications to make sure you keep up with them.

Follower Analyzer – I partner this with Instagram. It’s to keep an eye on those crazy follow/unfollow accounts and other fun stuff.

ASB/ANZ – My banking apps essentially.

Maps – Google Maps has saved my lost self so many times I can’t thank it enough.

Calculator – Because I haven’t done maths since high school, and sometimes I just can’t think.

  • What are the seven most favourite apps on your phone?

1SE – I have been using this for around 6 months now! I always make sure to record a second of my day and add it to my compilation. It’s currently around 3 minutes, and it’s so cool to see it play and remember what was happening in that moment!

Duolingo – I love Duolingo, it’s been so much fun learning another language again. I’m still keeping up with my Japanese.

Instagram – For the reasons stated above.

WordPress – Same as above.

Photos – Same as above.

Whats App – For messaging and sharing pictures/videos. I use this with close friends, but also with some blogging friends!!

Chrome – Because sometimes I just want to look something up, so the best way to do that is just ask Google.

Versatile Blogger Award


Carina from Simply Carina XO nominated me for this!

Here are my seven facts:

  • I have a Bachelor of Music, specializing in Music Theory (the weirder choice)
  • I’ve never broken a bone (and hope I never will)
  • I’m very short at just 155 cm, which is around 5 foot
  • I believe that running is the worst form of cardio (please don’t make me do it)
  • I’ve got a habit of muttering to myself under my breath (a lot)
  • I love watching those Try Not to Sing Challenges as it brings back so much amazing songs
  • I don’t wear much jewellery asides from my rings (wedding and engagement)
  • Sometimes, I don’t wipe my glasses properly for a week, and I’m shocked when I finally do and it’s so much clearer!

That was a lot of awards! Thank you so much to everyone who nominated me, and if you want to do any yourself, feel free!


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  1. You did music theory?! :O I tried it when I was doing my flute as to carry on on one of the exam boards you had to pass grade 5 theory. Maybe I’d be able to do it now, but then I just had no idea. I hated it and I just couldn’t get to grips with it!

    I’m a morning person too. Although, I’ve got a bit lazy at the moment mainly because there’s not much that I need to get up for! But I’m generally in bed early and get up early 🙂

    1. Haha, music theory is definitely not the easiest. I liked learning about the history, and technical side of music. I was never the greatest at the aural part though.
      I never used to be a morning person until I began working full time. Then I had to be and by now I’ve adapted ?

  2. I used to remember time when I would see so many awards in my readers list, but now most bloggers did them and there is not a lot of new ones. I like that you do them together, it feels like you did an Q&A post. xx

    1. I remember that too! There would be so many new ones, but now weve all done them so many times haha! It is fun doing them all in one big post, that way i feel like I’m not just doing award posts al the time ?

  3. those waffles look absolutely delicious! I loved reading all your answers ??

    1. Thanks Jamie! 🙂

  4. Yass, pizza, pancake and waffles! 😀 LOL

    1. All the best foods! 😀

  5. Congrats on all these awards!

    1. Thank you Haya! 😀

  6. Huge congrats beauty on the awards! <3

    1. Thank you! 🙂

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