Looking Back on February

The first weekend was pretty eventful. We went bowling one night with some of Rory’s friends. On Saturday, we had lunch with Sarah and went out to the neighbourhood cat cafe. It was such a fun way to spend an hour. Even though most cats were sleepy, it was nice to be surrounded by adorable cats!

jackson st bistro pancakes


We went out shopping later in the month, and we even got bouts of cooler weather. It was a nice break from the super hot sun lately.

The middle of the month led us to Valentine’s! I made some cupcakes in a collab with Anni, and Rory and I watched a really weird movie.

Chinese New Year came by afterwards, and while I don’t personally celebrate it, I loved all the decorations around town.

Later in the month, Rory suggested we go out for dinner, as we don’t do that often. We went to La Bella Italia and were so impressed with the food! We definitely plan to go back some day.

I also received a makeup kit I ordered earlier in the month from Sephora, as well as a new palette from Colour Pop!

I made another recipe from Nerdy Nummies, Petri Dish Jellies!

petri dishes 06

Finally, the end of the month saw me doing a Boudoir Shoot! It was an amazing experience, and I can’t wait to see the photos!

lingerie bag and shoes

A few days ago, Victoria (the photographer) shared a sneek peek on her Facebook page of one of the photos. It’s a before and after shot in the same place in my house. The after photo had me with my hair and makeup done, a backdrop, lighting, and of course, lots of direction from the lovely Victoria. I’m in love with this photo, and I really can’t wait to see the others next week! Depending on the nature of the photos, I may share more on the blog haha!

How was your February?


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  1. Have you heard of World book day? I’m currently hosting a blog party because https://wonderwall360blog.wordpress.com/2018/03/01/bullet-journal-march-challenges/

    1. I haven’t heard of world book day actually, but it sounds like fun! I’ll be sure to stop by the blog party ?

  2. The Chinese New Year decorations are pretty and your boudoir shot is too – I would love to do one!

    1. It’s definitely an amazing experience! I definitely recommend it ?

  3. I wish we had a cat cafe :):) Girl you were giving it in your photo :):) Look at those come hither eyes!!!

    1. There’s only one in town but it’s such a cool place!
      Haha! I did get pretty into it. The photographer was really encouraging, and after a while, I just let loose and went with it ?

      1. Well, if that picture is any indication of what the rest look like, you knocked it out of the park 🙂

  4. Gosh, those jellies. I want some. I’m so in love with your boudoir shoot and I spy some sexy lingerie in that bag. Can’t wait to see the rest. ❤️❤️

    1. Jellies and lollies are such a good mix! ?
      I’m so happy with the photo! I really can’t wait to see the others! I did splurge a little with the lingerie, it was fun wearing them and taking the photos ??

      1. Lingerie is something to splurge on from time to time. I don’t buy expensive things to wear as everyday underwear but we do need to have a few special things for special occasions when we want to feel sexy ❤️

  5. That cat cafe looks like fun and whoa, mama! Angela, you look like you belong on the cover of a magazine.

    1. It was such a fun afternoon out at the cat cafe!
      Haha, thanks Diana! I’m so happy with the photo! I’m so happy with the photographer and hair/makeup artist, they did an awesome job and helped me have so much fun during the shoot 😀

      1. You’re utmost welcome, Angela. They definitely did an awesome job and I know you’re going to love those photos.

  6. I’m loving the cat cafe!xx

    1. It’s so much fun! I definitely want to go back another day!

  7. Loving the monthly update! What a great way to catch up ?

    1. Thank you! I love being able to look back at the end of each month! ?

  8. I’m still amazed with before and after photo, we sometimes forget what a bit of makeup and nice hairstyle can do. xx

    1. It blew me away as well! Hair and makeup is amazing at making us feel and look like a million bucks ? having a professional photographer taking the photos helped too ?

  9. That kitty is so precious!

    1. Isn’t he?? I snapped so many photos of him from the cat cafe ?

  10. February sounds like it was an enjoyable month! The dessert picture looks delicious as does the petri dish recipe from Nerdie Nummies. Like I said on Instagram, that photo of you with your hair and makeup done is beautiful, has Rory seen that one yet?

    1. It was a laidback yet fun month!
      I’ve been trying to hide the photos from him, trying to keep it all a surprise for our anniversary Haha! He doesn’t really read the blog or go on Insta so it’s still a secret ?

      1. Aww that’s really sweet! Did he know you did the shoot?

        1. He does know that at least 😀

  11. A lovely month you’ve had, Angela! Hope your March is fantastic too (:

    1. It was definitely a good month! I hope you have a great upcoming March too! 🙂

  12. That tiny grey kitten is sooo cute!!! I love cat cafes, though since I already have two cats I don’t have a real reason to visit them haha
    Your boudoir sneak peak looks great too, I hope the rest of the pictures turn out well!

    1. He was the sweetest! We were all besotted. We don’t have any pets, but we have considered getting one. The trouble is we work full time and it takes us ages to get to and from work, so the cat would be along for 10-11 hours every day which isn’t ideal..
      I’m so excited to see the rest of the photos! 😀

      1. It’s so hard being out of the house with pets! Mike & I are both shift workers so one of us is generally home on the opposite schedule. Cats are easier but I couldn’t imagine leaving a dog alone all day!

  13. Ahh I really want to go to a cat cafe too! We have one here but I never remember to go ? Seems like you had such a lovely and chilled February!! xx

    1. It’s such a great way to spend an afternoon. Just hanging with some cats! I hope you get to go some time!! I did have a really nice February 🙂

  14. Sounds like you’ve had a great month!! You look gorgeous in your Boudoir shoot ? xx

    1. It was definitely an awesome month! Thank you so much Amelia 🙂

      1. It’s okay ? xx

  15. Great post Angela. I never knew there was anything like a cat cafe well now I know.

    1. Thanks Mariam! Haha, they’re not very common that’s for sure. It’s a fun place to visit 🙂

  16. Love that photo! Hopefully there are more photos you can share 😉

    1. Thank you! Haha, I’m sure I can find some I can share on here 🙂

  17. What a great month you had! It is crazy how it flew by! And girl ou look amazing in that picture! Work it! I hope March is amazing for you! <3

    1. This month was pretty fun! Aww thanks Kate! I hope you have an amazing March up ahead too ?

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