My Favourite Cruelty-Free Brands

A long time ago, I wrote a post about my favourite drugstore brands. I haven’t done another brand related post, so I thought it was time for another one.

This time, it’s about brands who are cruelty-free, meaning they don’t test on animals. These brands are all fairly big, and will be a mixture of drugstore, mid-range and more high-end brands.



nyx brand

NYX is a drugstore brand, on top of being cruelty free. I’ve heard that the company has been bought by L’Oreal (which is not cruelty free), but from what I know, it seems like NYX itself is still cruelty free. They have incredible products at affordable prices and I’m keen to try more from them!

Their NYX Soft Matte lip cream is a cult favourite in the beauty world for it’s amazing creamy formula! It’s my favourite, and I keep meaning to buy another one, but I’m trying to curb my spending urges. I also have a few of the NYX lingerie liquid lipsticks, and while I don’t like the formula as much, it’s still better than other liquid lipsticks I’ve tried. The only other NYX product I’ve tried is their Photo-Loving Primer. I’m keen to try the Pore Filler one as well.


wet n wild brand


Wet’n’Wild is another drugstore brand which I hear a lot about. They have recently become available in department stores here in New Zealand which is exciting. On top of the brand being cruelty-free, a lot of their products are vegan too!

The first product I bought from them was their MegaGlo highlighter. I was searching for a good drugstore highlighter, and this one was recommended by everyone! It’s definitely amazing and so affordable! I have two of their brushes, including the crease brush which I use for blending. They’re amazing, and again so affordable! I intend to get more, so I can grow my collection.

Mid Range

Colour Pop

colour pop brand

So I don’t think I can label Colour Pop as drugstore, but they aren’t high-end either. They are pretty affordable, and have an amazing range of products. Like Wet’n’wild, most of their products are vegan.

I first heard of ColourPop because of their eyeshadows. I received a super shock shadow from a subscription box, and I was blown away by how pigmented and creamy it was. I’ve since bought a few palettes from them, and I’m still blown away. They have so many different palettes to choose from. On top of that, I have heard lots of good things about their lipsticks, highlighters and concealer! It’s safe to say, that this brand is amazing!



tarte brand

Tarte is definitely on the higher-end of this list price wise, but they’re probably my favourite brand on this list. Their products are cruelty-free, hypoallergenic and vegan. On top of that, they’re always amazing quality, and long lasting. I’ve been so impressed by every single product I’ve bought from them.

Just by looking at the picture, you can see how much I love them. I didn’t actually realize how much Tarte products I had until I grabbed them all together. I still want more really. Their eyeshadows have pretty much no fallout when I put them in, and again are really pigmented. I still prefer Colour Pop at the moment though. But Tarte can’t be beat when it comes to their Shape Tape concealer or liquid liners. They have become my holy grail. You guys may also know that I love their Lip Paint, and I have no issues with their mascara or finishing powder either. I just love them. I do have to exercise caution though, as I can get carried away when I buy products from them, and it can add up.

There’s lots of other brands who are also cruelty-free, but these are personal favourites of mine. I plan to keep supporting them, and buying more of their products!

favourite cruelty free brands

What’s one of your favourite cruelty-free brands?


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  1. I love that Tarte palette you have, it’s so beautiful. Loved this post girl. xx

    1. I love it too! I’m so glad I decided to splurge with it ?
      Thanks Azra!

  2. I like cruelty free products, apparently marks and spencer over here do that too, so nice one

    1. It is definitely nice when brands make that ethical choice not to test on animals ?

  3. Tarte & ColourPop are at the top of my cruelty free favourites list! I’ve been trying to be more conscious about buying cruelty free brands 🙂

    1. They’re so good! I’ve been trying that lately too ?

  4. I have one lippie stix from Colourpop and I really want to get more! It’s awesome (:

    1. I really want to try them! I’ve heard nothing but great things ?

  5. I love NYX lip products and wet n wild has the best highlighters hands down!

    1. NYX has amazing lippies! And I do love the MegaGlo Highlighting Powder! ?

  6. Great post! I love Tarte, their eyeshadows are amazing.

    1. Thank you! Tarte is definitely amazing ?

  7. I love Colourpop eyeshadow so much! They just launch new pigment powder that I want to try.

    1. They’re amazing! I’m also keen to try more from them ?

  8. Nyx is one of my favourite brands! So happy it’s cruelty free xx

    1. They’re one of my favourite brands too! They’re so amazing on top of being ethical too ?

  9. I love nyx and tarte too ? great post Angela xx

    1. I’m glad you like them too! They’re amazing brands ?

      1. Yeah definitely ? xx

  10. I LOVE Tart! I also adore Jane Iredale. Love this post! <3

    1. I love them too! I haven’t heard of Jane Iredale, but I’ll definitely check them out! Thanks Kate! <3

    2. I love Jane Iredale and Tarte too <3

  11. I absolutely love Colourpop! Back in the days when they only had lip products and their super shock eyeshadows, I’ve ordered A LOT of their stuff! The shipping and customs were getting a little expensive though so I stopped ordering from them but I still use their products almost daily! They’re so cheap but such good quality, it’s admirable <3

    1. They’re amazing! I would love to try more for them, but it can add up after a while haha!

  12. I love the NYX brand. I find it’s a reasonable price for how good of quality the product is! I’m obsessed with their Matte Finish setting spray and their matte liquid lipstick / matching lip liners!

    1. They’re such a good brand! I’ve only tried a few of their products but I’ve been so impressed ?

  13. Right, that’s it, I’m treating myself to more Tarte products.. soonish.. I only have their powder but I bloody love it!

    1. You should! Tarte has so much amazing products! I seriously can’t get enough, but they’re definitely not cheap!

  14. I love all these brands!

    1. They’re definitely great 😀

  15. I love Tarte blush. Good stuff 🙂

    1. They have amazing products 😀

  16. All of these brands are amazing but these are just the tip of the iceberg. Holy moly there’s so many amazing ones out there ranging from colorful to everyday natural makeup.

    1. There are so many amazing cruelty free brands out there! I love how more brands are making that change 😀

  17. I didn’t know that some of these brands are cruelty free. Good to know, I really want to be more aware of that. I really love wet n wild and I think it’s so cool that a more budget kind of brand is cruelty free!

    1. I found out from others about NYX and Wet’n’Wild, and I did some research into some of the other brands I buy heaps from. I’ve been trying to be more aware of the brands that are cruelty-free so I can support them more 😀

  18. I love Nyx and Tarte! Wet N Wild is also great for affordable cruelty-free options. Just gotta keep an eye on those ingredients!
    Please check out my non-toxic beauty blog for healthy, toxin-free living:

    1. They’re all great brands for sure! Thanks for reading 😄

  19. One of my favorite lesser-known cruelty free and vegan cosmetic brands is Klarity Kosmetics; the quality is superb!

    1. I haven’t heard of that one, but it’s so great to find more brands being vegan and cruelty free 😄

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