DIY – Marbled Jars

I went back and forth on sharing this DIY, as I wasn’t 100% happy with how it came out. It has grown on me a little though, so I thought I’d share it anyway!

This is a Pinterest favourite when it comes to DIY’s. It’s a cute way to upcycle a jar, vase or something similar with some splashes of colour! I know Sarah has done it a few times, and hers always come out so beautiful!

The general idea of how to make this is pretty straightforward. You use a container (that you will never use again after this), fill it with warm water, then add some nail polish. Next, you dip in the jars you want, and the nail polish just wooshes on to the jar. Afterwards you let it dry.

diy jars 01

I think maybe the container I used was too deep, and not wide enough, as the effect on the jars wasn’t quite what I expected. Maybe I didn’t swirl it enough, or I didn’t put in enough nail polish. Either way, I wasn’t thrilled with how they came out. I only tried it on the small jars I had, and stopped at that.

diy jars 02

I did this DIY a few weeks ago, but I kept coming back and looking at the jars. They’ve kind of grown on me now.

I’d love to try this again with my milk jars I also have. It’s all about practice right?

Anyway, the jars I have now, I like to store random bits of decor in. Sometimes it’s my fake rose petals in water. It has a nice swirly effect.

diy jars 07

Other times, I like to put the fairy lights in.

diy jars 08

All in all, I’m happy with my first attempt at creating marbled jars. It’s definitely something I’d like to do again.

Have you guys ever tried this kind of DIY? How did it go for you?


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  1. I didn’t think this is so easy. I definitely need to do it, I’ll just wait for warmer weather so I can do it outside. I can’t wait to see how it will turn out for me. xx

    1. Its such a simple process! It definitely requires lots of experimenting but it’s so much fun ?

  2. These are so funky, I love the finished result! Will bookmark this & add it on my to-do list as I needed a crafty project to do soon, thanks! =]

    1. They’re definitely pretty funky ?
      I definitely plan to try this another day and see what results come out next time! I’m glad you liked it Elena ?

  3. I think the results are original and wonderful

    1. Thank you!

  4. Haven’t tried anything like this before! But now I totally want to. Thanks for sharing!
    I have a few nail polish shades (mostly gifts) which I do not like on my nails, but wouldn’t mind on a glass or ceramic jar 🙂

    1. Its such a fun project! You definitely don’t get the same effect twice which makes each piece unique! Definitely give it a go ?

  5. They are pretty. Maybe to get more coverage needs doing twice with same or different colour, but think pretty as they are.

    1. I was wondering that, but then i thought it might look strange with multiple layers. It’s definitely a project you can experiment with ?

  6. I like them ?

    1. Thank you! ?

  7. How fun! I have never tried marble jars before but they look like a fun project to work on!

    1. It really is such a fun project! I really recommend giving it a go yourself ?

  8. These are so cute! I might have to give these a go!

    1. They came out pretty good! Definitely give it a go ?

  9. I love that you’re always doing fun crafts. I think they look really pretty x

    1. They’re so much fun haha! Thanks Dannii ?

  10. I did a similar DIY but instead of jars I used pebbles. It didn’t turn out that great, as expected (still have them decorating the bathroom) and it was really messy. Although I want to do it again, I’m a bit “scare” of it ahah.

    1. That sounds really interesting! These crafts can sometimes be a bit of a swing and a miss haha! Definitely worth trying again sometime though ?

  11. This looks really nice! Great idea ?

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you liked the post ?

  12. I hope all the positivity in the comments of this post helps you love these jars more haha they’re so NEAT!

    1. Haha thanks Shannon! I am starting to like them a lot more ?

  13. I have to agree with everyone else, I think they are wonderful :):)

    1. Aww thanks Margaret ?

  14. I really like how these came out! It is annoying because it seems very simple but there is a layer of difficulty to it, the temperature needs to be right and the time between putting the polish into the water and dipping the glass has to be quite short.. still fun though 🙂 I read that some people try it out on those little plastic cups you can get for parties, just to practice the motion. They really do grow on you though, a lot of mine I didn’t really like to begin with but now love how they look 🙂

    1. There does seem to be quite a few little experimental bits you need to practise a bit first! Trying it out on those plastic cups sound like a good idea 😀

  15. I love the finished look! This is a great diy!

    1. Thank you Haya! I love the finished look as well 🙂

  16. Such an interesting idea! they turned out really cool

    1. Thank you! I’m really happy with how it came out ?

  17. I love this diy it turned out amazing xx

    1. Thank you! I’m pretty happy with how it came out ?

  18. Wow! This is such a great idea to decorate rooms and other living spaces.
    Gonna try it! 🙂

    1. It really is! They come out so nice, definitely give it a go 😀

  19. I think these came out really cute! I like that it adds a bit of color to the jars without being too much ? seems like a fun DIY & such a cute way to decorate!

    1. Thanks Jamie! It does add a nice touch of colour to the jars 🙂

  20. These turned out super fun! These would be an awesome gift too!

    1. Thank you! They would make a nice gift 🙂

  21. What a cool idea! I feel like even I could do this! Lol. I really like yours! I love how the pink ones came out! SO pretty! <3

    1. Haha, it is an easy project compared to most DIYs! Thanks Kate! 😀

  22. I really love how they turned out!! They look so good and cute xx

    1. Thank you! I am definitely pretty happy with them the more I look at them 🙂

  23. I think it makes for great decor with the fake petals and lights. They look nice to me. I’m sure if you do it again they’ll look even better✨

    1. They do add a great touch of decor 😀 I definitely want to try it again some time!

  24. So lovely! Now, you’re making me want to make some. 🙂

  25. Looks beautiful . Love the purple one ☺️

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you like it 🙂

  26. Hello! I have a new (and very small) soap business and blog! Its all made by me and I’d love the input of other DIYers! Do you think adding in step by step blogs showing how I make my soaps is a good idea? Would you like to see more product selection such as shower jellies and sugar scrubs?? Let me know what you all think!!
    Thank you!!

    1. Hi! That’s definitely a great idea. Having step by steps on DIYs are always quite popular 🙂
      Good luck on growing your business and blog 😄

  27. I have so many plain jars in my house with random stuff in it so making them a little prettier might be helpful, so thank you !

    1. It’s definitely a great way to add some colour to your jars! I’m glad you like the post 😀

  28. That is super cool, especially if you have some nail polish that the formula is sort of on the way out.

    1. It’s definitely a great way to use up nail polish! It makes such an interesting effect on jars and gives it that nice pop of colour 🤗

  29. It looks so good. I’m definitely going try this diy and I hope I can manage to make it look this pretty.

    1. Definitely give it a go! It’s so much fun 😀

  30. I love this!! Too bad it didn’t work with the small jars – it would’ve been too cute!

    1. Thanks! I feel like it did still do a bit of an effect, so the diy was still a success in the end! I’d love to try it again some time and see if I can do them even better 😃

  31. These look awesome! A lot of times when you Pin things it looks so cool but unachievable. However, this seems quite accessible, haha.

    I did a sort of similar DIY a while back but instead of using nail polish, it was glow in the dark paint to make a firefly jar. It was pretty cool but the paint was water soluble so it wasn’t going to last very long. However, now I have glow in the dark nail polish so it might be time to try something like this again… 🙂

    1. This is definitely achievable! I had a lot of fun doing this DIY! The firefly jar sounds like it would be a cool project to try one day too! 🙂

  32. This is so funny that I’m reading this. I was planning on marbling jars tomorrow. But I think nail polish would be to thick and hard to work with? I was planning on using Martha Stewart glass paint, putting it all on a plate, marbling it there than rolling the jar in it. I don’t know. Thank you for telling me it might be harder than it looks! I thought I’d be a quick 5 min project. Lol

    1. Glass paint could work well too. I’ve only ever tried with nail polish and it came out alright. It’s definitely something where you can predict the outcome haha! But it’s definitely a fun diy project to have a play with 🤗

  33. This looks so fun to do! I would definitely have to try this out!😃

    1. You should! It’s so much fun, and it’s pretty easy to do 😀

  34. These look great! I love the 2 pink ones!

    1. Thank you!!

    1. Thank you!

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