February & March Empties

Another round of empties! I find that I can normally collect a decent bunch of empties (trash) to make into a post if I do them every two months.

feb mar empties

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Wipes

I use these up each empties too, normally a few. Since this one, I’ve bought the water version and I think it’s better. I definitely don’t go through them as fast. However, this is still definitely my go-to for makeup removal needs.

Do I recommend? Yes

Would I repurchase? At the moment I’ve switched to the water version, but I would probably get the wipes again some day.

Garnier Hydra Bomb Tissue Mask

I still have a love/hate relationship with sheet masks. This one wasn’t bad though. I sometimes have issues where there’s product dripping off the mask, but this one didn’t do that. It didn’t make my face feel weird or tingly and just felt refreshing. The masks are always too big for my tiny head though.

Do I recommend? If you’re into face masks, go for it.

Would I repurchase? Nah, I just like trying different masks.

Too Faced Born This Way Mini Concealer

I didn’t use this that often, but I didn’t mind it. I had heard a lot of praise for it, but I think the shade I had was a bit too light. It didn’t blend too well if I used heaps, especially in the summer months as I got tanner. I used a little at a time though, and it was okay.

Do I recommend? Yes.

Would I repurchase? Probably not. I prefer my Tarte concealer at the moment.

Bare Minerals Original SPF 15 Foundation

I have made my thoughts on this very clear. I love this foundation and it’s my go-to/holy grail, and I use it all the time. Which means I use it up fairly quickly. It takes me around two and a half months to finish up a jar. That seems to be typical, as when I looked at their site, you can set up a thing where it automatically sends you one every two months.

Do I recommend? Yes!

Would I repurchase? I already have!

NYX Studio Photo-Loving Primer

After my Rimmel Primer I wanted to try something new. I’ve been using this one and while I do like it more, I’m still keen to try other ones. This one definitely made my face feel ‘smooth’. I had a translucent one, so I don’t know if the other color-correcting ones work, but this one was pretty good.

Do I recommend? It’s worth a try at least.

Would I repurchase? I may try the other variations, but otherwise I wouldn’t.

Lush Sex Bomb Bath Bomb

One thing I am looking forward to with these colder season is I have the excuse to buy more bath bombs. I tried this one on a warm summer evening in hot water, and ended up making the bathroom a sauna. I didn’t actually mind it, but I wouldn’t do it again in a hurry. The bath bomb itself was quite fun. It fizzled and made the water a nice purple/pink colour, and smelt a bit citrusy and floral at the same time. Overall though, it wasn’t too memorable.

Do I recommend? It’s worth a try.

Would I repurchase? I’ve been more impressed with some of the other bath bombs, so no.

Redken High-Rise Volumizing Conditioner

You know what’s funny? I finished the shampoo companion to this over 6 months ago. Why is it impossible to finish conditioner but shampoos go so fast? Anyway, this one was nice, but it wasn’t anything too impressive. I’m keen to try others.

Do I recommend? Nah.

Would I repurchase? Nah.

Have you emptied any products lately?


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  1. ahhhh I have been wanting to try that BareMinerals foundation for the longest time and after reading that it’s your holy grail, it makes me want to go to Ulta asap and pick it up!

    1. Its such a good mineral foundation! It’s light on your skin and has such good coverage! I definitely recommend it 😄

  2. It is always interesting to see what people are finishing and learning their thoughts. I find it enjoyable for some weird reason.

    1. It really is! I like reading these posts as it gives me an idea of products to try 🤗

  3. The garnier sheet masks are my favs!! The work really nice for my skin, but I often go for the cheaper balea version to be honest xx

    1. It definitely wasn’t bad! I’m still not thw biggest fan of sheet masks though. I’d like to try a face mask again though, I quite liked using them 🤗

  4. I don’t like sheet masks they freak me out so much. I don’t like the texture of them, probably wouldn’t buy them again. xx

    1. They are definitely not for everyone! I dont mind them every now and then, but normally I wouldn’t bother with them 🙂

  5. I haven’t tried any of these! I’m curious about that bare minerals foundation now, and the concealer!

    1. I keep going on about that foundation 😂 I’ve used up two pots now since last September and I keep going back to it 😄
      I quite liked the formula of the concealer. The shade was a tad too light for me, so I’ll go a bit darker next time 🤗

      1. It must be really great then!
        Shade can really make or break a product, especially concealer or foundation. I was indifferent to the MUFE HD foundation when I had it in a shade too dark, but when I had my actual proper shade I loved it haha

  6. I always find I use more conditioner than shampoo 😛 I love reading empties posts!

    1. Really?? It takes me twice as long to get through a conditioner bottle than it does shampoo 😂
      I love them too!

  7. Always fun going through other’s trash haha strangely enough!

    1. It weirdly is! 😄

  8. Interesting to see what products you’ve used up recently 😀 i would like to try out the bare minerals foundation it sounds really good xx

    1. I always like seeing what people have used up 🙂 It’s a good way to find out about new products! The bare minerals foundation is definitely worth a try 😀

      1. Yeah definitely!! 😀 xx

  9. I love Bare Minerals and I am really tempted to try their foundation, do you think the coverage is good there (I know you said it’s your holy grail so it cant be bad right haha)? I love these kind of posts, it’s so interesting to read what people think about different products! xx

    1. Their foundation is so good!! You can get a lot of coverage, it’s something you build up on. I like having quite a light foundation though as otherwise it feels too much on my face. Definitely try it if you get the chance!
      I love reading these posts for the same reason too 😀

  10. Love empties so much! That mask is one of my favourite but I do like to try different ones too 💖

    1. They’re such fun posts! It’s definitely nice to try different masks and see which ones you prefer 🙂

  11. The sex bomb bath bomb is actually one of my favorites. It made my skin super silky smooth and the scent lingered on my skin for a long time, and that’s cool that you can finish up a foundation in two and a half months, still working on mine and I’m not looking forward to when I finish it lol.

    1. I think if I had it during a cooler day, rather than on an already hot summer day, I might have enjoyed it more haha! The bare minerals foundation is a bit smaller than previous ones I’ve used, so it does take me a shorter time 😀

      1. Hmm, that’s true. Oooh okay didn’t know there were other sizes?

        1. Oh no, they always come in one size. But previous foundations I’ve used from other brands have been bigger! Compared to them, the bare minerals one is smaller, and I get through it faster 😀

          1. Oooh I misunderstood lmao

  12. So many great empties! I haven’t tried the mcellar wipes (I bet they would be perfect for travel) but I love the water! <3

    1. The wipes are definitely perfect for on the go! I’ve also started using the water version and I like that heaps as well 😄

  13. You are the only person I’ve ever heard of who uses up shampoo faster than conditioner haha! xo

    1. Really?? I barely use conditioner, which is why I use up shampoo way more faster!

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