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I have on occassion shared these rambly posts where I just let my thoughts spill out onto my keyboard. I’ve done a post on tattoos, positivity, instagram, and a few others. Today, I wanted to share my thoughts on alcohol and drinking in general.


I often say that I don’t drink alcohol, because it’s very rare when I do. If I do, it’s usually just one glass. It’s very rare for me to go more than that. The first time I drunk something was at a friend’s party at her place. It was quite small, there were only a few of us, and they had those really fruity alcohol drinks. I had one, and I couldn’t really taste the alcohol in it, so I thought it was fine. Since then, I have tried a variation of wine and beer. I will say this, I hate beer. It’s disgusting. The taste is just so weird. Both beer and wine have that ‘alcohol’ taste, but I prefer something with more of a ‘sweeter’ side, like wine. I’ve liked some, I haven’t liked others. I had sips of champagne at events, but I never finished a glass. I have on occasion been able to have a few glasses of wine. On our honeymoon, I branched out and tried some cocktails. Those, I can say, I really like. I tried a chocolate-y one, quite a few fruit-y ones, and they were delicious! It does have me curious to try more, but they’re so expensive. Maybe I’ll try make some one day.

Those few times where I’ve had a few glasses have mostly been with Rory. I feel comfortable being with him like that. Something that I will say here is one of the reasons why I don’t like binge drinking. Getting that drunk, and losing that much control and inhibitions is scary to me. I don’t understand why you would want to get to the point where you might make questionable decisions, or do something you’ll regret. On top of that, alcohol is also an acquired taste. I do feel like that is one of the main reasons why I don’t really like this drinking culture.


However, I’m not really against alcohol and drinking. From when I was a lot younger, my thoughts have definitely shifted on alcohol. I used to flat out say no if I was asked out. If I want to, I’ll decide to have a drink of alcohol, but most of the time, there’s better (more tastier) drinks out there to have.

What are your thoughts on alcohol? Do you enjoy a drink every now and then? Or do you just not like it?


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  1. Alcohol def acquired taste. I used to drink larger in lime but have graduated to real ales.

    My parents are bad influences! Pre Sunday dinner we have an appertif of martini or gin and tonic then red wine with dinner.

    I’m gin tasting at the weekend.

    Love cocktails but yes expensive! So usually stick to beer.

    1. I just can’t get behind the taste of any beers. Its too strong and weird. I haven’t tried any other alcohol or spirits and i don’t really want to haha! Everyone has their own preference I suppose πŸ™‚

  2. I also hate beer, it’s so gross. I can’t believe people actually love beer, I find the taste so disgusting. I actually love the taste of Rum, that’s my favorite alcohol drink. xx

    1. I find rum quite strong tasting when I was trying rum cocktails in Cuba. My favourite was pina coladas with just a tiny splash of rum.

      1. That’s exactly why I love it. The smell is so nice and I love how it feels when you keep it in mouth, quite strong but also very nice sensation. It’s definitely not for people who don’t handle alcohol well, because it’s really strong and you get drunk easily if you drink it plain. xx

    2. I just cant understand why some people love the taste. Its too overpowering and I’m never able to have more than the smallest sip. I haven’t tried rum before, I’ve only ever just had the basics haha πŸ˜„

  3. Definitely an acquired taste, and I’m partial to a sweeter drink myself! I’ve always been one who never understood the appeal of drinking to get drunk, I just don’t get how people enjoy feeling so out of control and actually welcome the hangover the following morning like some kind of achievement. That being said, it’s great when you drink just enough to get merry, it does give you this warm feeling and helps people relax! xx

    1. I think I enjoy sweeter things in general haha! It’s scary that some people drink that much on a regular basis and then brag about it. I just dont understand the appeal..
      I’m with you on drinking a little and just feeling warm and relaxed! That part i do enjoy πŸ€—

  4. I dislike any beer. I don’t mind wine, but I’ve decided to stop drinking alcohol. I don’t necessarily drink alcohol when I go out anyway, I’m considered a cheap date, lol! But if I’m around people who drink, I don’t judge, have at it, but be wise and safe.

    1. I’m the same. Can’t stand beer, but wine is okay. I often don’t drink when i go out as well, it’s very rare if i do. I don’t judge people if they want to drink, but like you said, be wise and safe with those decisions πŸ€—

  5. I can so relate to this!! Loved this post xx

    1. I’m glad you could relate Anni! Reading your own post about drinking is what set me off thinking, and then writing my own post about it πŸ˜…

      1. Really? That’s so cool xx

  6. I love the occasional glass of wine, but I also hate the feeling of losing control!!

    1. An occasional glass of wine I can definitely get behind. But yes, drinking excessively to the point where you lose control just sounds scary!

  7. I totally agree! Although I won’t usually say no if Justin offers to buy me a drink at our meals out haha

    1. Haha, that’s fair enough πŸ˜„

  8. I don’t drink often either! When I do it’s when I’m around work people (they drink tons) and it’s usually a glass or two of wine but never more than that. A friend of mine also got me to try a moscow mule once and I do like those too actually.

    1. What influences whether you drink or not does definitely depend on who’s around you. I have no idea what a moscow mule even is. Is that a cocktail?

      1. Yeah! I had to look it up but it’s vodka, spicy ginger beer, and lime juice. So I guess it doesn’t sound good when I write what’s in it but it’s good!

  9. I feel very similar to you. I don’t drink and it’s purely because I don’t enjoy it and I don’t want to. I don’t like the binge drinking attitude but nine times out of ten people have a drink when they go out or a glass of wine with dinner which is perfectly fine πŸ™‚

    1. Exactly, alcohol is a drink preference, and honestly, there’s better and more tastier options out there haha! The binge drinking culture is something I just can’t get behind, but if you’re aware of what you’re drinking and making good decisions, then go for it πŸ™‚

  10. I definitely agree with you that it scares me to not be able to really control my body if I get really drunk. I’m not against drinking alcohol but I prefer it when it’s consumed in small doses xx

    1. It’s a scary thought to not be fully in control of what you’re saying or doing. Small doses are definitely preferable when it comes to alcohol for me too πŸ™‚

      1. Yeah I definitely agree 😊 xx

  11. I like to drink, I feel like I always have lmao. Only one time when I was like…17 or 18 and went to one of my friends birthday party did I get super wasted to the point that I blacked out, but I did my friends there with me so nothing dangerous happened. But that was the only time I ever got that drunk. I usually only drink to the point where I feel a buzz and that’s it, but I can also handle my alcohol. I don’t drink wine, I hate the majority of beer except coronas with lime, never had champagne, but LOOOOVE fruity drinks and cocktails. My absolute favorite!

    1. First off, sorry for the late reply, but I just found this comment in spam for some bizarre reason! All your other comments came through fine though. That’s so weird!! That’s fair that you like to drink. A few of my friends are the same, especially during those uni days! I’ve had that buzz a few times and I can see why you like it haha! As I don’t drink often, I’d say I’m a lightweight. It’s good to know your limits! Wine is okay, I have never found a beer I like (yet?), and champagne was okay. But yes to fruity drinks and cocktails!!

      1. That’s okay! Terrific reminder to check my spam folder as well 😁
        Yeah the buzz can be nice lmao. Plus I’m a giggly kind of drunk so I’m fun I’d say I’m not aggressive or anything haha.
        And hey, if you ever come to America (though I doubt you’d come to Oregon, lol) I would definitely take you to Maru (favorite Japanese restaurant) because they make this sick cocktail called Godzilla, it’s green and fruity and very delicious though at times they make it pretty strong lol. Oh wait, better yet, I can probably send you the recipe but I have to find it first. I wrote it down somewhere lol.

        1. I’m the rambly kind of tipsy. Plus giggly. I just don’t stop talking though haha!
          Ooooh that Godzilla drink sounds really nice! Whenever I do go out to restaurants, I never try the cocktails cause they’re so expensive! Feels like I’m missing out sometimes though. If you do find that recipe, send it to me! I’d be keen to see if I could try replicate it somehow πŸ˜€

          1. LMAO I don’t stop giggling and laughing at everything apparently haha
            Oh gosh yea!! It’s SOO expensive, like 8 US dollars haha OMG I should totally try to put it in my “new recipes” post! πŸ˜€ yasss! that way everyone can see it lmao

  12. I rarely drink and I hate beer. I do like white wine though and my favourite drink is a pina colada. I like being tipsy but I find it scary as well to be drunk and make questionable decisions – especially if I’m not with people I trust.

    1. I feel like there’s a lot of us who dont like beer. It is such a strong and overpowering taste, I don’t get why some people like it! The few times I’ve been tipsy I’ve kind of liked it. I just feel warm and happy πŸ€— But yeah, getting really drunk, especially it’s around people you dont really know or trust is a scary thought

  13. I agree with this it is definitely an acquired taste. I go through phases and it really depends on what I am doing and what the occasion is. I am considered “Mama Kate” with my friends, so I usually am the one taking care of every one else πŸ™‚ <3

    1. It’s definitely a peculiar taste, and sometimes it’s just too much. Haha, that’s such a sweet nickname! That’s lovely that you want to make sure everyone stays safe and that you take care of them <3

      1. It is! I also don’t like fruity drinks (to sweet and bad memories of my 21 lol) so masking the taste is not always an option lol Awe thank you beauty πŸ™‚ Haha I do! Especially if they are visiting me! <3

  14. I’m not anti drinking and alcohol, but I don’t drink myself. I can taste the alcohol in everything and drinking as a group of friends etc. and getting out of hand just aren’t me or what I fancy. I understand people who drink and I understand why people don’t want to drink, but I HATE having to defend myself as to why I don’t drink alcohol. My ex pressured me into drinking with him and I hated it then I got ill and he found it hilarious and so many times I was basically defending myself as to why I didn’t want to drink, and that I felt was wrong. No one should ever have to defend themselves as to why they don’t drink/don’t want to drink.

    Sorry if that was a bit rambly!

    1. It is strange that we often feel the need to defend not wanting to drink alcohol. You don’t get that if you say you don’t drink coffee, or a certain soda or whatever. That sucks about your ex, pressure to do something you don’t want to do just shouldn’t be something we have to endure!
      No need to apologise for the rambly comment! My whole post was rambly, it’s a nice way to get your thoughts out πŸ˜€

      1. I’d rather just spend my money on books/DVD’s/baking stuff – stuff that’ll last longer than like 20 mins! Loads of uni friends spent so much on alcohol and I was there just buying my books πŸ˜‚

  15. It took me a long time to entertain the thought of even trying a drink as well. My sophomore year of college, I studied abroad in Scotland and was one of the very few people who didn’t party all the time. I remember going to choir the first night and it was open to the community and I couldn’t believe that they had wine at a school event.

    After I turned 21, I think I was able to chill out more about it since it was legal no matter where I was in the world. I will still only drink if I trust every single person in the room and I have a very strict 2 drink rule. But at least I don’t feel like a buzzkill if we go to a tavern or something.

    I don’t like the taste of beer, either, but now that I do drink (on very rare occasions), I usually taste something and think it’s awful but then I keep drinking it anyway. I don’t get it, haha.

    Have you tried Bailey’s? My favorite drink is to mix that with one of the Starbucks frappucinos. (I haven’t liked anything I’ve ordered at a physical Starbucks, but those frappucinos are good, lol.)

    1. Everyone is definitely different on when they feel ready to try alcohol. I wouldn’t trust myself to have more than 2 drinks around people I don’t know well either.
      Beer is such a strange taste, I don’t think I’d ever like it!
      I haven’t tried Bailey’s before, but I do love the Starbucks frappucinos. Mixing them together actually sounds like it’d be really nice! I’ll definitely have to try it sometime πŸ˜€

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