A Letterman Jacket OOTD

In a recent haul post, I shared with you all this pink and yellow jacket. I call it my Letterman jacket for many reasons. It looks like one, and also it has this blue A on the side which I like to think means it was made for me! So, I had to make an OOTD post with the jacket as the main attraction.

Here we go.

jacket ootd 01

I paired the jacket with simple items. Black singlet, blue shorts and black sneakers. With the jacket being quite colourful, I figured these would help it stand out more.

jacket ootd 02

This jacket is really thick. I don’t know what it’s lined with, but it keeps me very warm. I can definitely imagine myself living in it as the cooler seasons get…cooler.

jacket ootd 03

The colours of the jacket feel quite feminine. Pastel pink, yellow, and then white on the sleeves and accents. It’s really nice. I also love the patches on it! I don’t know if they’ve always been there or if someone has added them, but they look good. I would definitely add more if I find some I like.

jacket ootd 04

Also they have pockets. Anything without fake pockets is a win in my book. All in all, I’m so glad I came across this jacket. It was love at first sight, and I definitely plan on getting as much use out of it as I can!

jacket ootd 05

I went into the thrift store that day with the intention of just to browse. But once I saw the jacket, I knew I couldn’t leave without it!

What’s one of your favourite clothing items at the moment?

Outfit Details:

Jacket – Thrifted

Singlet – Thrifted

Shorts – Dotti

Shoes – Thrifted


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  1. Love the jacket! You don’t normally see that style combined with those colours. My favourite item of the moment is my red and grey sports jacket which I can’t stop wearing! You can see it in my recent post. I love your casual look, it’s similar to mine. xx


    1. Thank you! It’s true that it’s an unusual colour combo but it really works! That red and grey sports jacket sounds really great 😀

  2. I want that jacket!

    1. Its such a great jacket! 😄

  3. This really is so cute on you :0

    1. Thank you!! I really love how it looks on me 🤗

  4. Lettermans ​are big at my high school and I love wearing it- so much pride that comes along with the jacket!

    1. I’ve always liked them! Football isn’t really a thing in NZ though, so they aren’t around in schools. I can see how they’d full you with pride! I just think they’re cute hehe 🤗

  5. So cute! Love the colors (:

    1. Thanks Shannon! I love the colour combo too. You don’t see it often 😄

  6. I love that practically everything in this ootd is thrifted nicely done. And I love how you mixed and match colors, you did a wonderful job. I’m usually matchy matchy but not sure I can pull off different patterns and colors. I might look like a mess instead haha 😂

    1. Thanks Rossy! I try to be careful with mix and matching as I’ve done some duds before haha! I like to think I’m getting better though 😀

  7. Hi Angela, I just wanted to say hi here in the comments as I tried to get in touch with you before for a collab but never heard anything back from you. If you’re open to collabs I’d love to hear from you. You’re more than welcome to write directly to me on michelle@gurupress.co – even if you’re not interested. All the best xx

    1. Hi Michelle!
      Sorry for not getting in touch previously, but I don’t think I’ve seen a previous email or comment from you before? Maybe it got lost somewhere! But anyway, I’m always open to collabs. Let me know what kind of collab you want to do by leaving a comment or leaving a message on my contact page!

  8. That’s a beautiful jacket, the style is so beautiful and perfect. 🙂

    1. Thank you! I think so too 😀

    1. Thanks Carly! 😀

  9. I love the feminine colours!! It looks lovely on you 😊 xx

    1. I love the colours too! Thanks Amelia 😄

      1. It’s okay xx

  10. I LOVE this jacket sooo much!! Looks so good on you xx

    1. I love it too! I’m so glad I found it!! Thanks Anni 😀

    1. Well hello Jo! 😀 Hehe, I do really love this jacket!

  11. I LOVE this look! Werk it girl! When I was in high school, I always wanted a letterman jacket. This is amazing! 🙂 <3

    1. Thanks Kate! Haha, I’ve always loved the look of them in all those American high school shows I watched 😂

      1. Bwahaha right? So many nineties shows come to mind…And I have no shame in admitting I love rewatching them when they are on! :p <3

  12. Love the jacket , so unique 💕 This is a wonderful post 💕
    My new post – https://sunainadasstyle.com/2018/06/19/getting-ready-with-victoria-emerson/
    Hope you will like it.
    Sunaina Das

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