What’s In My Travel Makeup Bag?

As regular readers may know, I’m heading off to Japan soon. Since my last big trip, my makeup routine (and collection) has grown a bit. So now the question of what makeup to bring on this trip requires a lot more consideration. While deciding all this, I thought it would be a fun post. I want to have enough makeup for my usual everyday look, and this means bringing at least one of each item. I want to have options but I also don’t want to get too crazy with what I bring. So, here’s what I’ve wound up with.

travel makeup bag 01

Here’s what I’m bringing for my base makeup. These are all the products I use for my everyday look. The Too Faced Hangover Primer, Bare Minerals Foundation, and Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer make up my base makeup. These are all tried and true products for me, so they’re definitely making the trip. Finally, I wanted to bring my Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder. I also wanted to bring some extras as well. I chose the Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer and the Becca Pressed Powder Highlighter.

travel makeup bag 02

Moving on, here’s the eye makeup I plan on bringing. For eyebrows, my Maybelline MasterBrow Pro Palette. I wanted to bring an eye palette as well, so I chose my Colour Pop Double Entendre. It’s great for everyday wear, and has lots of warm colours to choose from. I went back and forth on which mascara to bring, and landed on my Tarte Lights, Camera and Lashes 4-in-1. It’s a mini size and perfect for travel. I also wanted to bring my Tarte Double Take Eyeliner, even if I don’t end up using eyeliner on the trip, I like having it there.

travel makeup bag 03

I also wanted to bring at least two lipsticks. I settled on my NYX Soft Matte in London as a neutral colour, and my favourite Tarte lip paint in Grand as a brighter colour. I also had to bring my Urban Decay All-Nighter Setting Spray.

travel makeup bag 04

All that’s left are the tools I want to bring. My Real Techniques miracle sponge was a must. As for the brushes, I had quite a few in mind. For face brushes, I’m bringing my Real Techniques expert face brush, buffing brush and contour brush. For eye brushes, I planned on bringing my Wet’n’Wild angled liner brush, crease brush and Real Techniques Base Shadow brush. I also am bringing some tweezers and my eyelash curler as a bonus.

travel makeup bag 05

That’s all of it! It may sound like a lot to me, but I do use most of them on a daily basis so I want them to come with me. There’s a few extras, but I did try to stick (mostly) to the essentials.

travel makeup bag 06

What makeup do you bring when you go travelling?


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  1. Great post love!! I love the soft matte in London, it’s one of my fav shades! Xx

    1. Thank you Joy! It’s such a good nude shade 😄

  2. I love what’s in my bag posts 🙂 I’m obviously super nosey!

    1. Haha, I love them for the same reason 😂

      1. I think it’s about time I did another what’s in my bag kind of post

  3. Ooohh you have a great travel make up collection there 😀 I bet you can’t wait to go to Japan xx

    1. Thanks Amelia! I’m so beyond excited!! I cant believe I still have a week of work left 😥

      1. Awww I’m sure it’ll whizz by 😁 xx

  4. I’ve heard such great things about the real technique brushes!! Are they worth it? I love these kinds of posts so much, thanks for sharing!!

    1. They’re definitely worth it! I’ve never been disappointed with any of their brushes or sponge! Thank you for reading 😄

  5. Lovely collection!!

    1. Thanks Maha!

  6. I like to take as small amount of makeup as possible if I’m traveling or going away. Like you I’d go for one eyeshadow palette that is versatile and two or three lip colours. I’d choose either blush or highlighter, I don’t wear both together and probably wouldn’t take bronzer.

    1. That makes sense to keep it small. I’ve really started to use more than I used to on a daily basis so I didn’t want to leave too much behind 😂

  7. Have fun on your trip! Love the things you chose to bring makeup-wise (:

    1. Thank you! It’s still over a week away so I’m counting down the days!

  8. You did a great job narrowing down what to bring! When I travel I’m like “I need to bring everything!”

    1. Haha, I tried to pretty much stick to what I consider to be essentials for an everyday look and leave it at that 😄

  9. I love the BareMinerals foundation!

    1. It’s so good!!

  10. I use a BB cream with decent SPF, then my brow gel, an eyeliner, and a simple pink lipstick/gloss combination. As a bonus I have those small perfume rollers for when I wanna not smell like hostel/rental car/beach/packed train. 🙂

    1. It’s definitely good if you can keep it small! 🙂

  11. I bring only bare essentials, usually BB cream, concealer, powder, bronzer, eye shadow that I use as a highligter, brow gel, mascara, lip gloss and toner. xx

    1. It would definitely be easier to bring just the bare essentials. I wanted to bring a bit more though, just cause I like having some options haha! 🙂

  12. So how do you get the balance right between packing what you need and avoiding overpacking?

    1. For that I can’t tell you. I ended up bringing what I view as just the essentials, but to others they could probably keep scaling back. As long as you have room for everything else you need, then you should be fine 🙂

  13. I think you have a great amount of stuff!

    1. Thank you! It’s definitely enough to do my everyday look which is all I want really 😀

  14. That’s pretty much what I take as well, one of everything and two or three lippies if I want to change it up lol. Nice post!

    1. Haha, exactly! I like knowing that all my bases are covered 😀

  15. This could have been my make-up bag! <3

    1. Yay! I’m glad you can relate 😄

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