Japan Adventures – Tokyo Skytree and Mt Fuji

Hello again! I hope you guys had a great weekend (or are still having a great weekend?). This post is all about being way up high! I’ll be talking about our visit to Tokyo Skytree and our day trip to Mt Fuji and Hakone.

Tokyo Skytree

On our last leg in Tokyo, I really wanted to visit Tokyo Skytree. It’s one of the highest freestanding broadcasting tower in the world. We could go up 350m, and also 450m. Getting to the Skytree from our hotel proved to be a bit of a mission. It took almost an hour and required changing of trains. But, Google Maps helped us in the end. The tickets for this are quite pricey, but we figured we wanted to be a proper tourist, and do all the tourist things. So we bought the expensive tickets to experience both views.

skytree 05

It still amazes me just how huge Tokyo is. The city seems to never end. We were 350m up and we couldn’t see the edge of the city. We wandered round the observatory just taking in this ginormous city.

skytree 01

The shadow of the skytree is huge itself.

skytree 02

There was also glass floor sections which made Rory really happy. He immediately stood on them, and then jumped a few times (which gave me a heart attack). I wanted to stand on it, but everytime I even tried to look down on it, I freaked out. Way too spooky for me!

skytree 03

Also, anyone hear ever watch Cardcaptor Sakura? Because we came across a Kerochan cafe near the Skytree! I didn’t realize I was blinking in the photo till later, but it’s the best picture of the whole sign!

skytree 04

Mt Fuji and Hakone

I knew I wanted to do a day trip out to Hakone or Lake Kawaguchiko so we could get a nice view of Mt Fuji. We impulsively landed on a one day trip to Mt Fuji and Hakone. We set off from Shinjuku around 8.30 and started on our 2 hour ride out to the 5th Station of Mt Fuji. Along the way, we got some really nice views of the volcano.

mt fuji 01

Our first stop was at the 5th station of Mt Fuji. It’s around 2300m high, and is one of the highest points you can drive to. It’s a huge tourist spot, and the souvenir and cafe areas were packed. Then again, everywhere we went in Japan was always packed. We hung around and explored for a while before heading off for lunch.

mt fuji 04

We had lunch next to Lake Kawaguchiko, one of the five lakes of Mt Fuji. We couldn’t see Mt Fuji from the area we were at, but we still had beautiful views!

mt fuji 05

After lunch we headed off towards Hakone. The first stop was a 15 minute cruise across Lake Ashi. I enjoyed the ride, but every time I went outside to take photos I nearly got blown over. I always forget about that part when I’m on boats.

mt fuji 06

Once we were in Hakone, we rode the Hakone Kamagotake ropeway. Not to be confused with Hakone Ropeway which is a different cable car. The one we went on was 15 minutes, and took us all the way up to the top of Mt Kamagotake. It was definitely an amazing experience riding that cable car. We went so high!

mt fuji 09

Once we were at the top, we nearly got blown over again. It was so cold!! We could see all of Hakone and Lake Ashi though. If it was a clear day, we would have also been able to see Mt Fuji. We spent enough time there to enjoy the view and take pictures before retreating inside and taking the ropeway back down where it was much warmer!

mt fuji 07

mt fuji 08

The ride back took quite long though, so we didn’t get back to our hotel till past 8pm. It was a really nice day, although I do wish we got to explore more of Hakone.

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  1. What a great adventure! Missed the sky tree in Tokyo, bummer but Hakone is worth the trip, especially if you continue to Kyoto on the Shinkansen. Cheers!

    1. It really was! I loved our short trip in Hakone, I would have liked to see more of it 🙂

  2. wow, wow, wow WOW these pictures are stunning. I do believe that I would have to give Rory a gentle love tap to the back of the head for all the jumping up and down on the glass floor. That’s too high up for a heart attack :):) I am loving your trip, thank you for taking the time to share it with us Angela :):)

    1. It was incredible up there! Tokyo is so huge, and even being so high up, we still couldn’t take it all in! Haha, Rory only jumped once or twice but it was enough to almost give me a heart attack! He loved it though. Once we saw the sign for the glass floor, he immediately rushed off to find it.
      I’m glad you’re liking the posts! They’ve been a great way for us to relive our holiday 😀

      1. I know, I’ve never been but when i was looking at your pictures, all I could think was wow! Hahaha 1 jump would’ve done it for me.

  3. It looks beautiful there!

    1. It really is!!

  4. Mt. Fuji is breathtaking 😍

    1. It really is!! I loved being able to see it in person 😄

  5. Stunning photos, thank you for taking us all on your adventures, I really enjoy these Japan posts. xx

    1. Thanks Azra! I’m glad you’re enjoying the posts, I love being able to share what we got up to in Japan 😄

  6. You making me want to go to Japan right now!! This looks amazing!! Glad you’ve had a good day xx

    1. Japan is incredible!! I definitely get now why its such a popular tourist destination haha! 😄

  7. Girl you are so brave going up the Skytree! And Mt Fuji is on my bucket list. Your pictures are stunning! <3

    1. We had an incredible view up there! I cant believe how high up we were! Mt Fuji is amazing, definitely bucket list worthy!

      1. Ahh I want to go now! Lol. <3

  8. Wow your pictures in this post are breath taking!! What an amazing time xx

    1. The scenery was incredible! Definitely breathtaking 😄

      1. Awww that’s good xx

  9. Mt Fuji looks amazing!

    1. It really was! It’s such an icon for Japan 😄

  10. What incredible sights!!! Especially Mt Fuji!!!

    1. Definitely! I loved being able to see such different sights 😀

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