Japan Adventures – Shinjuku Gyo-en and Meguro River

There were two places in particular that made me want to live in Tokyo so that I could always enjoy that peaceful and beautiful walk. The Shinjuku National Garden and Meguro River.

Shinjuku Gyo-en National Garden

This was another aspect of our trip that I was really excited for. I would have loved to come when the cherry blossoms were in full bloom, but unfortunately we missed it. The part was still stunningly beautiful though. You had to pay 200 yen to get in, but that’s small change. It’s definitely worth it. We picked up a map and it was huge! We basically picked a direction and started walking.

shinjuku garden 01

The park has many areas to walk and explore, but the main appeal are the three landscape gardens. Each one is inspired by a different place. One is the traditional Japanese garden, one is French inspired, and the third is English. My favourite was the Japanese garden. It was so serene and peaceful. Filled with pavilions, bridges, lakes and koi. Seeing the buildings peek out from behind the trees was a surreal reminder that we were still in the middle of a busy urban city.

shinjuku garden 04

We ended up wandering around for literally hours.

shinjuku garden 06

You did end up forgetting after a while that you were still in town. There were heaps of people around, but everyone was spread out. The lawns were quite packed with people having picnics and basically just enjoying the day.

We often stopped to take photos of everything. Both Rory and I took turns with the camera. It was an amazing way to spend half the day. If you’re ever in Tokyo, you have to make sure you stop by here. Be prepared to spend hours walking around!

Meguro River

Another spot that I wanted to see in all it’s cherry blossom glory but you can’t have everything in life. Meguro River is another place where you can spend hours walking. We didn’t spend too long though as we’re not used to 28 degree weather (82 degrees for my American friends), and I thought I was melting. It didn’t take away too much from us enjoying the scenery though.

meguro river 01

I did ask Rory to take quite a few photos of me at the river, as there were so many photo op spots. My lovely husband was happy to snap away, despite us both melting in the heat.

We walked up and down the sidewalk a few times, making sure to take lots of break in the shady spots of the trees. Lots of people walking and on bikes passed us by too. This is clearly quite a popular spot.

Finally, just before we decided to head back. I spotted some pink hedge flowers giving off sakura vibes. So of course, we had to snap one more picture. This has since become my Instagram profile pic.

meguro river 06

Both of these places were definitely some of my favourite places in Tokyo! They were on my radar before even going to Japan and while I’m a little sad I missed out on the cherry blossoms, they were still incredibly beautiful spots!

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I’m aware that my blog has been taken over by Japan posts, but I have so much I wanted to share! I’m almost at the end now, but writing these has been such a fun way of reliving our holiday!


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  1. This looks like the best garden ever. So pretty

    1. It really was! The sheer size of it blew my mind! I loved that it had a few different inspired gardens too 😄

  2. The Shinjuku Garden looks lovely. It reminds me of New York, where the park is pretty peaceful and beautiful despite being in a busy city🙂 x

    1. It was such a beautiful spot! I’ve heard that about Central Park. It definitely looks like such a nice spot to go visit in the middle of New York 😄

  3. All the scenery and greenery is just gorgeous (:

    1. It really was! These were two spots I was really keen to visit 😄

  4. The flowers and nature is so pretty, especially the sakura type hedge! Beautiful photos x

    1. They’re both such beautiful spots! I’m glad I still got to see them, even if all the sakura wasn’t blooming 🤗

  5. Such a gorgeous garden 😊 perfect for photos xx

    1. Definitely! It was also quite busy with people, but since the garden was so big, everyone was spread out. So we all had a piece do the garden to ourselves 🤗

      1. Awww that’s good xx

  6. These pictures are STUNNING! I am obsessed beauty! What a gorgeous place! Thanks for sharing and taking us along on your beautiful adventure! <3

    1. They’re both such beautiful places, I literally couldn’t stop taking photos while we were there 🤗

  7. That garden is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Isn’t it?? I loved exploring the garden!

  8. This looks so beautiful Angela! I believe you lived your dream. But what surprised me is that you are not used to 28 degrees? I always thought summer in New Zeland is hot when you don’t experience snow too often 🙂 Well, we keep learning whole life, right 🙂

    1. It really was!! The whole Japan trip was surreal and incredible! Haha, it’s not very often that our summers go above 25 degrees. Some years, it doesn’t go above 20 degrees which is a little sad haha! Snow is quite common in the South Island, but where I live in Wellington, it’s a very rare occurence. I can’t remember why, I think it’s cause of how close we are to the sea or some other reason 🙂

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