Blue Mountains

When Rory and I announced that  we were planning on going to Sydney, nearly everyone told us to go see the Three Sisters, or to go to the Blue Mountains. I had no idea that these were effectively in the same place until I started researching it (ha!). The Three Sisters are a peculiar rock formation in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, Australia. It’s about a two hour drive out of Sydney. We didn’t want to rent a car, so we researched a few travel agencies that did day trips, and then headed off.

Sydney Travels – Part 6. Blue Mountains

Whew, we’re nearly getting to the end of our Sydney Adventures. This was our one and only full day trip. The tour agency we ended up going with was  Blue Mountain Tours (Formerly Dingo Travel). They offered an extensive package for a decent price.

We were picked up at 7am. Our driver and guide, Menashe, was very informative and friendly. There was only four other people with us on the tour, an older couple from Europe, and two ladies (one from Denmark, one from England).

The first stop on the tour was the Sydney Olympics Park. Sydney held the Olympics back in 2000, I have vague memories of watching it on the TV (Rob Waddell, from NZ, took the gold in the singles. It was a very big deal I’ve been told).

We stretched our legs for a bit, before jumping back in the van and heading to our next stop, Featherdale Wildlife Park. If I’m being honest, I enjoyed this the most out of the trip. I just love being able to spend time with animals.

The little wallabies were my favourite, they were just sort of wandering around the enclosure, most would come up to you, but then leave pretty fast when they realised you didn’t have food.

2016-09-05 08.19.15

Then Menashe bought us some water and snacks and we were off again! This time we kept going till we reached Katoomba. We went to Scenic World, and went on the Skyway, Walkway, Cableway and Railway. The walk was nice, Menashe told us a lot, and it was interesting to see all the displays around. Scenic Railway was originally part of a tramline network that brought coal and shale around. Mining was obviously very dangerous back in the 1800s.

The best was the Railway. It boasts the ‘steepest incline in the world’, and it was definitely a bit nervewracking. They also played the Indiana Jones theme as it went which was a nice touch.

2016-09-05 11.18.47

Finally, we made our way to Echo Point, where you get the best view of the Three Sisters.

2016-09-05 11.52.29

Afterwards, we saw a performance at the Waradah Aboriginal Centre, with traditional Aboriginal dance and music. It was very interesting, and I’ve always been fascinated with the digeridoo. The sound it makes so unusual and different, I would love to try play one. I wanted to buy one as a souvenir, but I had bought lots of other stuff on the trip, and I needed to slow down.

After lunch, Menashe showed us some cherry blossom trees. We’d never seen them in person before, and they’re beautiful. Apparently they’re amazing in summer, the whole street is lines with these pink flowers.

2016-09-05 13.46.58

Next, Menashe took us off the beaten path to a secret lookout. We could see the other side of the Three Sisters, and we were the only ones around. Menashe explained the meaning of Echo Point to us, he shouted a quick call from the lookout, and we all heard it echo back. We each had a go, and it was a lot of fun yelling into the void. Finally, we made the journey back to Sydney. We went back to Sydney Olympic Park and took a ferry back to Darlington Harbour.

I recommended Blue Mountain Tours on Trip Advisor, my one and only review, but I really enjoyed the trip. Everything was paid for in the original price, except for lunch and the Scenic World Pass, but they were upfront about that. Rory and I got back to our hotel at around 6, so we had some dinner, then just relaxed for the rest of the evening.


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  1. How lovely to see my country through your eyes. I used to go to the Blue Mountains quite regularly when I was a child. Thanks for the memories.

    1. No worries. It’s quite nice to see places you’ve been to before through another lens.

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